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"Adopting" a school

One of the ways that a company could join in the programme is to “adopt” a school; that is to provide funds for implementation of the “School without Violence” programme in that school. Some companies so far adopted one or more schools each: Public Enterprise "Electric Power Industry of Serbia", Banca Intesa, NIS Petrol, PTT Serbia, Al grosso with its products Pez and Chupa Chups, Telekom Serbia, Ivančić i sinovi, Minelpo, Forneti, McDonalds, Frikom, Komercijalna banka, HVB Leasing, Imlek, Uniqa, Delta Generali, MK Komerc, Turket fond, Energoprojekt-Hidroinzenjering, Susila Dharma, Metalac Gornji Milanovac, Raiffeisen Bank, Societe Generale Bank, Jaffa, Municipality Smederevo, Hypo Alpe Adria Leasing and FEFA (Faculty of Economy, Finance and Administration), City Assembly of Belgrade – Secretariat for Education, city public company “Infostan”.

A company can choose which school it wants to “adopt”. The only condition is that that the school has previously applied for the programme.

Even small companies could join their efforts and together “adopt” for example a school in their neighbourhood.

A company or an individual could also “adopt” only one class. In that case the programme in that school will start once all classes find their donors.

For the full implementation of the programme in one school it is necessary to provide around 270,000 dinars. This is not only for one semester or one school year. Once established, programme becomes an inevitable part of the school’s management.

By being involved in this kind of a project a company shows that its business goal is not only to make profit but also to care for local community. That is always a good advertisement because public will recognize that company as a socially responsible one. In addition, each adopted school will place a sign with a company name on a visible place in the school and the company name will be mentioned through numerous UNICEF communication channels.

Preconditions for adopting a school:

1. Company can be of any size
2. Companies that produce alcohol, cigarettes and infant formula are not desirable candidates
3. It is necessary to provide around 270,000 dinars for one school
4. It is possible to adopt only one class, or that more companies jointly adopt one school
5. School needs to apply for the programme prior to the adoption


 List of schools waiting to be "adopted"


map of schools addopted by Electric Power Company of Serbia


map of schools addopted by Ana Ivanovic



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