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Let's Grow Up Together - Campaign

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"Let's Grow Up Together" awareness raising campaign represents an integral part of a wider concept of promotion of social inclusion of children with disabilities. It focuses on raising awareness of the importance and possible forms of additional support to the family (either the biological or foster-family) to enable that family to respond to the child's needs and in this way contribute to the development of his/her potential and inclusion in the life in the community.

The campaign  is implemnted by the Serbian Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, UNICEF and Radio-Television of Serbia (RTS), with the financial support of the Development Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of  the Republic of Italy.       

 "Let's Grow Up Together" TVCs:

 English version:

 Serbian version:

"Let's Grow Up Together" radio jingles in Serbian:

"Let's Grow Up Together" posters in Serbian:




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