Working in partnership

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UNICEF is seen as an honest broker on a whole range of social inclusion issues in Serbia, creating space for dialogue on issues that may even go beyond our direct mandate. In recent years, for example, we have mediated between Government ministries and a number of NGOs on conditions for adults with mental disabilities in institutions.

We support the creation of alliances to build a critical mass of partners who can demand improvements for the most vulnerable children and amplify the voices of children. While our chief partner is (as is usually the case) the Government, we also work closely with Parliament, with recently-created independent human rights monitoring bodies, and with a civil society that has emerged, gathered strength and grown increasingly vocal in just two decades. We work with corporations that have a growing sense of their responsibility to the wider community, and with an academic community that is helping to inform and guide policies for children. And we work with the media – looking beyond pure media coverage to genuine partnership on key issues.

UNICEF never works in isolation, and its emphasis on working in partnership is well known in Serbia and beyond. Serbia, however, presents a particularly rich landscape for strategic partnerships. To find out more, visit our Partnership  page.



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