Strengthening systems

© UNICEF Serbia/Zoran Jovanovic Maccak

Our work to strengthen systems is all about ensuring that marginalized children receive their full entitlements and that their rights are fulfilled. This includes helping to shape legislation and norms to ensure that marginalized children are not overlooked by policy-makers and practitioners, and to create services for them that are in good shape and fit for purpose.

We use the knowledge gathered from children, families and communities to advocate for effective policies. We then work to help transform policies into tangible action for children by providing expertise and training, and supporting the development of standards and guidelines for those who actually implement the policies on the ground – from midwives to teachers, and from police officers to HIV prevention outreach workers.

Examples include our work on inclusive education, child care reform, juvenile justice and efforts to prevent violence against children. In each case , our work has informed the development of ground-breaking legislation and protocols and built the capacity of service providers to meet their obligations through training, the provision of guidelines and standards, and the careful monitoring of progress to reinforce accountability.



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