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Fair Play tournaments

Regional Fair Play tournaments will be organised as per the following schedule:

- 11. October 2008. Novi Becej (for Vojvodina region), 10.00-16.30, OS " Josif Marinkovic", Josifa Marinkovića 79

- 11. October 2008. Belgrade (for Belgrade schools), 10.00-18.30, SC "VIZURA", Novi Beograd, Tosin bunar 224A

- 12. October 2008. Jagodina (for Central Serbia region), 10.00-16.00, OS "RADA MILJKOVIC",adresa Kneza Lazara bb.

All participants will be addressed by Aleksandar Sasa Djordjevic, UNICEF National Ambassador for Serbia.

Within the School without Violence programme, 64 school in Serbia organised Fair Play tournaments. Most of the schools were competing in basketball while some competed in volleyball and handball. The winners are invited to compete at the regional tournaments.

The aim of the tournaments is to promote sport as an important instrument for development, team work, tolerance, fair play in sport and life.



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