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Street Football League 2008 to promote Fair Play

Street Football Ligue 2008 - a football tournament for children up to 10 years of age - is being organized in 16 towns throughout Serbia. The aim is to promote fair play, tolerance and sports spirit in schools, playgrounds and at home.

During the football tournament in 16 towns, UNICEF’s volunteers are promoting School without Violence programme and are organizing various activities for children, such as:

- “Fair Play” Box – where children put in the box their written answers on questiosn “What do you think Fair Play is?” or “Describe one situation when someone was fair to you or when you were fair to another peer.” Most interesting answers will be presented at the exhibition during the finals in Belgrade in September this year.

- “Fair Play” Medals – an activity where children make medals for them selves, medals for what they are best in. UNICEF’s volunteers are “formally” handing in the medals to children.

UNICEF’s volunteers are also handing in promotional posters and leaflets for the School without Violence programme and Fair Play.

The three winning football teams are receiving special certificates with messages form UNICEF’s National Ambassadors for Serbia, Aleksandar Sasa Djordjevic and Ana Ivanovic.

Street Football Ligue 2008 is being organised based on the following schedule:
• Subotica (11-13 April)
• Kragujevac (18- 20 April)
• Novi Sad (25-27 April)
• Kraljevo (2-4 May)
• Kruševac (9-11 May)
• Pancevo (16-18 May)
• Petrovac na Mlavi (23-25 May)
• Beograd (30 May – 1 June)
• Sremska Mitrovica (6- 8 June)
• Šabac (13-15 June)
• Vršac (20-22 June)
• Paracin (27-29 June)
• Vrnjacka Banja (22- 24 August)
• Becej (29- 31 August)
• Zajecar (5-7 September)
• Niš (12-14 September)



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