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"Communicating with Children" - Regional Conference

© UNICEF Montenegro/Dusko Miljanic
Communicating with Children" - Regional Conference

Budva, 29 April 2014 - “Communicating with Children" is the topic of the three-day regional conference opened today in Budva and organised by UNICEF Offices for Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Serbia. A manual of the same name will be presented at the conference, and it was prepared by UNICEF in order to assist media experts in creating high-quality audio-visual content for children and in cooperation with children. The conference has gathered about a hundred attendees from the above-mentioned four countries – TV professionals, representatives of regulatory authorities, journalists’ associations, independent production companies, journalism schools, and the media. The conference was opened by Minister of Culture of Montenegro Branislav Mićunović and UNICEF ambassador to Montenegro Antonije Pušić, better known as Rambo Amadeus.

Television may greatly enrich children’s lives and help children to better understand the world around them. Therefore, it is important for the TV content offered to children to be adjusted to their age and their developmental needs. In order to encourage the making of positive and inclusive TV content for children, UNICEF has gathered some of the leading global experts who will explore the ways of increasing the positive influence of television on children with producers, editors, journalists, representatives of regulatory authorities, and the academic community dealing with this topic in Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia. Certain that the media are one of the most powerful tools to be used in improving the lives of children and their families, the organisers believe that this conference and the manual of the same name will inspire the attendees to take advantage of the potentials of their media companies for supporting child development in their further work. The conference will particularly focus on the communication and representation of the way the media treat the topic of vulnerable and marginalised children, and especially children with developmental disorders. The manual entitled “Communicating with Children" is a collection of knowledge gathered by the authors – Barbara Kolucki and Dafna Lemiš – during many years of studying the media and the topics related to children. Their experience and the collected material show that children are active users of the media, and that their understanding of the media and of what they get from them is not equal to what they need and to what adults get. Therefore, it is of great importance to include children in the creation of media contents. The content of this publication will be presented at the conference by Barbara Kolucki, who has dealt – as a teacher and an educator – with the media for children, overall child development and protection, raising of the awareness of developmental disorders and disabilities, and reducing prejudice. Ms Kolucki has had more than twenty-five years of experience in over twenty developing countries. A lecture on media literacy and ethics will be delivered by Ms Ilana Eleá, PhD, scientific coordinator at the International Clearinghouse on Children, Youth and Media founded at the University of Gothenburg. 

Communicating with Children (manual) may be downloaded here



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