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Journalists – Defenders of Child Rights

© UNICEF / Association of Journalist's of Serbia / Milos Miskov
Participants receive Certificate for completing of UNICEF organized seminar

Twenty journalists from mainstream and local media debated the most ethical way to cover a number of incidents of violence among and against school children in Serbia. The briefing and discussion was part of a two-day seminar entitled “Journalists - Defenders of Child Rights” organised by UNICEF Serbia in partnership with Association of Journalists of Serbia.

The seminar leader was Joan McQueeney Mitric, an American reporter and editor, who used a series of high profiled media accounts about bullying and physical assaults against school children to push media outlets towards a higher ethical standard. “Children should not be used as pawns in media wars for increased circulation in this competitive environment”, McQueeney Mitric said.

Also speaking at the seminar were Head of UNICEF Communication Section Jadranka Milanovic, Coordinator of the Serbian Ministry of Education’s Violence Prevention Unit Biljana Lajovic, child psychiatrist Oliver Vidojevic, editor of a prominent news magazine Milorad Ivanovic, Head of the Serbian Association of Journalists and member of the Press Council Ljiljana Smajlovic, and Nevenka Kraguljac, a representative of a primary school in the UNICEF-supported anti-bullying programme School without Violence.


© UNICEF / Association of Journalist's of Serbia / Milos Miskov
Mr. Mike Jempson, Director of the UK-based MediaWise Trust Addressed the Seminar

During the two days, journalists analysed a variety of reports from print and electronic media dealing with violence among and against children and discussed ethical codes and rules o reporting on sensitive issues involving children, including consequences of breaching journalistic codes especially when it comes to disclosing child identity. They also discussed possible stories they could produce that would highlight techniques that got positive results in other countries and in Serbia.

The seminar was addressed via Skype by Mr. Mike Jempson, Director of the UK-based MediaWise Trust, a well known journalists and trainer on ethical reporting on children and child rights in the media.

The seminar is an introduction to a series of activities undertaken by UNICEF Serbia to upgrade ethical reporting on children and child rights and to translate existing rules and regulations into practice. The culmination of the process will be a roundtable in November 2012 with the participation of Serbian media editors-in-chief and representatives of media regulatory and self-regulatory bodies on how best to report on child rights in the media.




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