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Latest news and press releases from 2017 in chronological order, most recent one on top

Everyone has the right to dream
Shabnam Arab, a thirteen-year-old girl from Afghanistan is slowly conjugating a verb, in what, until recently, used to be a completely foreign and incomprehensible language...

Investment in early childhood education – the safest investment in future
Preschool education must be of high quality and accessible to children of all socio-economic backgrounds and in all geographic areas regardless of the level of their development...

The Game
Each day, an untold number of unaccompanied child asylum seekers are risking everything to establish new lives by crossing illegally into the European Union. It is a dangerous endeavor carrying with it the gravest of risks.

The best start
"Nothing in life should be taken for granted and left to chance. One should respond to minimal changes. There are professional services that have answers to all our questions and we should talk about all problems."

Five-fold increase in number of refugee and migrant children traveling alone since 2010
The global number of refugee and migrant children moving alone has reached a record high, increasing nearly five-fold since 2010.

Refugee and migrant children stranded in European transit countries suffer psychologically in the face of uncertain future
Nearly 75,000 refugees and migrants, including an estimated 24,600 children, currently stranded in Greece, Bulgaria, Hungary and the Western Balkans are at risk of psychosocial distress caused by living in a protracted state of limbo.

A Toy Library: A Library of Smiles
Abir, a refugee from Syria, is combing her daughter’s hair after lunch. It’s a small tradition they've had since arriving in the Reception center in Bujanovac, in Serbia. The older daughter, eight-year-old Judy, graciously allows seven-year old Sidra ...

Smurfs and UNICEF: For a happier, more peaceful and equitable world
Belgrade, Serbia, 19 March 2017 – The premiere of the Smurfs: The Lost Village movie was held in Belgrade on 19 March, in the lead up to the International Day of Happiness. The popular Smurfs characters have joined forces with UNICEF to encourage children

Living with Autism - From the Perspective of Patients, Parents and Professionals
Niš, 13 March 2017 - Early diagnosis, early interventions and inclusion in the education system, from preschool onwards, can greatly contribute to children with autistic spectrum disorders, and other developmental delays...

The future of the Serbian economy depends on investments in the youngest generation
Kopaonik, 9 March 2017 - Inequity is not inevitable. Inequality is a choice. Promoting equity - a fair chance for every child - is a choice. An important choice for the future of children and Serbian society...

Helping children is just one click away
Belgrade, 14 February 2017 – Telenor Bank account holders are now able to become members of the “Friends of UNICEF Club” and, with just a few clicks, to regularly donate for the most vulnerable children in Serbia. Telenor Bank has enabled monthly...

Roma Health Mediators: Connecting Communities
Kristina Petrovic is 21 years old and she has two children. A great joy, but also a great concern. She is struggling, as a single mother, to adequately provide for her three-year old daughter Lejla and her son Dragoljub, who is only 11 months old.

Every time you protect a child, there is hope
Svetlana Marojevic’s life was marked by UNICEF. As a girl growing up after the World War 2, Svetlana clearly recalls the cedar wooden crates, with UNICEF’s well-known logo engraved on them.

Every time you stop violence, there is hope
Katarina Ristanovic is an ordinary thirteen-year-old girl with an unusual, almost movie-like story. While still in the lower grades of primary school, she experienced bullying by her peers.



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