14 June 2023

How to prepare your child for a lifetime of positive mental health: 0–5 years

From the first smile and first step to experiencing a whole range of emotions, your child is passing many important childhood milestones. This is a time of growth and learning and an ideal time to start supporting your child’s mental well-being.  , Laying the foundations for a happy and healthy life, Your child looks to you for love, learning and safety. Try to spend as much quality time together as possible. Fostering a warm and tender relationship, and helping your child feel safe and cared for, go a long way to laying the groundwork for a lifetime of good mental health., Babies, Spending quality time with your child is good for both of you. It even releases natural hormones that help you bond with your baby and enhance well-being for both of you! Play with them, cuddle them. Talk to them, sing to them. Respond to their sounds with words so they can begin to understand language and communication.  , Toddlers, As your child starts to move around more, their desire to explore is increasing. This curiosity needs nurturing and encouragement. Read to your child (every day if you can). Play games that engage their curiosity and learning. Ask your child to name things – start with their name and objects around them, keep it simple. Explore the surroundings…, Pre-schoolers, As your child grows more independent and curious, they will want to explore the world outside and learn about the things around them. Interactions with people will help them develop their own ways of thinking and understand the world around them. Encourage social interaction through play with other children. Invite them to help you with simple age…, What to look out for, Young children are learning how to express themselves and manage big emotions. This can sometimes cause anger or stress when they cannot communicate their needs. When children feel stressed or overwhelmed, they need a loving adult to help reassure them and help them to navigate their feelings.  , Avoid..., Any form of violence, including shouting and hitting. When a child lives in a negative environment it can cause “toxic stress” – harming the child’s growth and development – as well as long term problems in later life. Frequent arguments between parents and people around the child. Tension in the environment can be stressful for children – they…, Remember: Take care of yourself as well, Whether you are a parent of a baby or toddler, you will experience a wide range of emotions at different times – this is normal. Emotions include joy, frustration, fatigue and nervousness. Whenever you feel overwhelmed, take time to manage your own stress. Make sure you’ve got good social support around you. Try to have some alone time, so you can…
07 June 2023

How to discipline your child the smart and healthy way

There comes a time when every parent struggles with how best to discipline their child. Whether dealing with a screaming toddler or an angry teen, it can be hard to control your temper. No parent wants to find themselves in such a situation and the bottom line is that shouting and physical violence never help. Thankfully, there are other, more…, Why positive discipline?, “Parents don't want to shout or hit their kids. We do it because we're stressed and don't see another way,” says Professor Cluver. The evidence is clear: shouting and hitting simply do not work and can do more harm than good in the long run. Repeated shouting and hitting can even adversely impact a child’s entire life. The continued “toxic stress…, Engaging with younger children, One-on-one time can be fun – and it’s completely free! “You can copy their expressions, bang spoons against pots, or sing together,” adds Professor Cluver. “There’s amazing research showing that playing with your children boosts their brain development.”, Engaging with older children, Like younger children, teenagers seek praise and want to be thought of as good. One-on-one time is still important to them. “They love it if you dance around the room with them or engage in a conversation about their favourite singer,” says Professor Cluver. “They may not always show it, but they do. And, it's an effective way of building a…, Advice for parents during a crysis , Crysis situations bring about sudden and drastic changes in the lives of families with parents directly in the middle of it. Here are some tips that can help parents get through these and any other stressful times: 1. Pause We all know the stress when we feel our child is being difficult. At moments like these, being present and stepping back is a…
12 September 2022

Be the hand that loves and the word that guides

Every parent strives to provide their child with the best opportunities for development, care, support and protection while they are growing up. With the development of society, the challenges of modern life, but also with new knowledge, parents are getting chances and opportunities to improve their approaches to raising their children. During the…, GUIDE FOR PARENTS - COUNT TO 5, 1 - Provide, When children understand instead of being afraid, they accept boundaries and rules as their own It is important to understand the child, their way of thinking and their needs, and for the child to know that we are always there as reliable support. When we create such a relationship of trust, the child will understand and accept the boundaries with…, 2 - Reconsider, Parents also learn and grow with new knowledge, to provide the best in the field of parenting We adopt parenting methods even before we become parents, and this is the foundation that we all start from. In the meantime, we and the world around us are changing, and together with our children, we are facing new and different challenges, and that is…, 3 - Avoid, Self-control is an important skill, so that the child can grow up safe and without pain As a child develops and learns to manage their feelings, it is common for them to sometimes show resistance, disagreement, and a tendency to defy the rules. Violent disciplining of such behaviours harms the child and the parent-child relationship. nonviolent…, 4 - Apply, Choose non-violent parenting methods, so that the child can acquire new knowledge in a calm and safe way There are a number of methods that can help us focus, calm or change the child’s behaviour in a way that will be better and more beneficial for both the child and our relationship. Non-violent and constructive solutions are possible and are the…, 5 - Seek help, Parents know better what is best for their child when they research and ask for support and advice A parent knows their child better than anyone and does what’s best for the child. That is precisely why it is very important to always look for as much quality information, advice and support as possible, because parenting is an important and…, Children with disabilities, Disciplining is an integral part of parenting and growing up of every child. When a child has a developmental or physical disability or a health problem, the parenting challenges parents face can be more demanding. Consistency and patience and the family as a team – those are the key strengths in ensuring care for the child, re-assessing, changing…, Adolescents, The period of adolescence has its own challenges. As the child grows and changes, the parenting practices of parents also gradually change and “grow”. On that path, it is equally important to understand what adolescents need from their parents, to be aware of the most common parental mistakes, and to be ready to apply the educational strategies…, Video materials
10 February 2022

The new Bebbo app - Your partner in parenthood

The only tool parents need to ensure their child has a "Good start for his entire life". Bebbo is a pocket set of tools which supports parents in taking care of their child's development since their birth until it's time for school., Download the free app now!, google play app store, Parenting is an acquired skill., All parents and guardians, especially in the first years, need support to know that they are not alone in the parenting tasks, to cope with parental stress and the challenges of raising a child, to resolve their concerns and provide the child with the best start in life. Every family can go through crisis periods. What makes a difference in the…, Kako aplikacija funkcioniše?, Relying on early development research, the "Bebbo" app offers a full range of tips and useful features that can help you make timely decisions about how best to support your child's development. Every day, with the "Bebbo" app, you can monitor your child's progress, consult expert advice to encourage the growth and development of your baby and…, Bebbo app functionalities:, Saveti stručnjaka ECD Professionals Advice: Every day, the app suggests a daily game together or offers an article from a rich library of tips covering a wide range of topics for all ages of children before going to school, such as breastfeeding, introducing a non-dairy diet or early learning through play. All tips can be easily saved as favorites…