Utilisation of digital technologies, risks, and incidence of digital violence

Among students in Serbia

UNICEF Serbia/2013


In the past few years we have witnessed a rapid increase in the number of users of digital technologies and the Internet, especially among children and youth.

In addition to the fact that they offer numerous opportunities for learning and development, modern technologies also entail potential risks, including also the risk of digital violence.

The research on violence against children in schools in Serbia, that has been conducted among schools entering the programme “School Without Violence – Towards a Safe and Enabling Environment for Children“ since 2006, has indicated the need for more in-depth research on the new forms of violence against and among children that are linked to the usage of modern technologies.

The existing data (obtained through these researches) on the prevalence of peer violence via SMS and e-mail messages and involuntary photos taking was not sufficient enough to understand and therefore address the issue of digital risks and violence properly. Therefore more comprehensive research on digital violence was designed.

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