Trafficking in human beings in South Eastern Europe

Update on situation and responses to trafficking in human beings

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UNICEF Serbia/2003


Trafficking in human beings is no longer a new issue in South Eastern Europe. It has been more than three years since the U.N. Palermo Protocol was passed and it will come into force in December 2003.

Ministers of the governments of the region that signed the Palermo Stability Pact Declaration have committed their countries to implement effective programmes of prevention, victim assistance and protection, legislative reform, law enforcement and prosecution of traffickers.

Since that time, generous donors have poured tens of millions of dollars into all of the, countries/entities of the region to address this issue.

A number of conferences and meetings throughout the region are being held on this topic every year and high-level delegations reaffirm that fighting trafficking in human beings remains a top priority. It is time to take stock of where we are, if we are making progress on meaningful indicators and if we are heading in the right direction.

This report is a contribution to shedding light on these issues.

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