Supporting the education of children

from impoverished backgrounds

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UNICEF Serbia/2014


Education is the key factor in a wide range of positive personal, societal and economic changes.

The long-term effects of education, both at the personal and societal levels, are multiple – a higher education attainment level provides an individual with an opportunity for higher earnings, higher productivity and easier integration in the world of work, while society generates higher tax revenues and lower expenditures on social benefits and health care.

The long-term effects that cannot always be measured in financial terms are also significant – education creates opportunities for an individual to attain a higher standard of living, better health, better job, higher satisfaction with life and higher level of inclusion in social developments.

States that support maximising their citizens’ educational attainment levels can count on reducing poverty, increasing human capital, enhancing social inclusion, social cohesion and political stability and earning higher trust of their citizens.

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Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction Unit and UNICEF

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