The state of children in Serbia 2006

Poor and excluded children

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UNICEF Srbija/2007


The State of Children in Serbia 2006 is a report on child poverty and exclusion, and the inter-generational transmission of poverty.

The Serbian Statistical Office and UNICEF have facilitated this first Report.

In line with Serbia’s international commitments, and within the framework of the World Fit for Children Declaration, the Report could become an annual and recurrent report of the Government of the Republic of Serbia.

The purpose of this year’s Report is to raise awareness of the situation of children in Serbia, especially of those who live in poverty and exclusion. Combating child poverty must be the highest priority in Government since poverty leads to the violation of the rights of children and can have lifelong consequences.

This is a call for action, not to permit the exclusion of children and the transmission of poverty to the next generation.


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