National study on violence against children

Research to Policy and Practice Process (R3P)

Mother threatening to hit her daughter with a belt
UNICEF Serbia/2017/Pancic


Confronted with growing global evidence on the incidence and prevalence of violence, government officials and policymakers worldwide are asking: What drives violence affecting children and what can be done to address it?

Identifying and analysing how structural determinants — and the social, cultural, economic, legal, organisational and policy responses — interact to affect everyday violence in children’s homes and communities identifies causal pathways to better inform national strategies and interventions for violence prevention.

The Research to Policy & Practice Process (R3P) developed by the UNICEF Office of Research was implemented in Serbia as a continuation of a multi-country study in 8 other countries around the world.

It unpacks the nationally-specific determinants of violence, thus contributing to national and comparative global conversations on where to focus the testing and implementation of interventions to prevent violence.

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