Fearless and powerful

Voices of adolescent girls from Serbia

Fearless and powerful hero
UNICEF Serbia/2020


Adolescence is a decisive age for girls around the world. What happens during a girl’s teenage years shapes the direction of her life and her future. For many girls living in or simply transiting through the Republic of Serbia, the mere onset of puberty marks a time of heightened vulnerability — including risks of leaving school, child marriage, early pregnancy, gender-based violence, and isolation.

Growing up, girls’ public space progressively shrinks while that of their male peers increasingly expands. However, adolescence is simultaneously a period of vulnerability and of opportunity.

This document aims at presenting girls’ opinions, challenges and dreams, preciously collected throughout UNICEF’s programmes. Aiming not to overlook girls’ resilience, capacities and abilities, UNICEF prioritizes opening up the space for girls and supporting them in raising their voices.

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