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22 May 2018
Participants of the panel
Commissioner for Protection of Equality/2018

Belgrade, 22 May 2018 – „Discrimination Busters“, Youth Panel of Commissioner for the Protection of Equality has started with new activities in this year, at the three-day workshop in student resort Radojka Lakic on Avala.

Youth Panel gathers a group of children and young people who take part in workshops and activities of Commissioner.

Within previous activities that young people today encounter, which include, among other things, discrimination and lack of respect for differences, poor communication with peers, teachers and parents, peer violence.

Commissioner for the Protection of Equality Brankica Jankovic addressed young attendees of this year’s Panel and introduced them with discrimination issue. She told them that it is important to timely learn about the significance of respecting human rights and equality.

She stressed that young people are the future and how much we respect equality will also have influence on it.

Young people are the future and how much we respect equality will also have influence on it.

Commissioner spoke about the importance of institution of Commissioner for the Protection of Equality and emphasized how important is that every panel participant help the achievement of equality with its actions.

If you help at least one person with your actions, you will make a great accomplishment, concluded Commissioner Jankovic.

Panel membership provides the opportunity for participants to be a part of specially created educative programs and workshops, followed by digital networking of panelist and their active participation in the Commissioner activities in areas related to children and young persons.

In the same time, Panel members will become advisors of Commissioner for the Protection of Equality and a chance to express their own opinions about discrimination and tolerance issues, especially within family, school and their community.

Partner in this project within cooperation program is UNICEF and director of UNICEF in Serbia Michel Saint-Lot also addressed Panel participants.

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