UNICEF Serbia Announces its New Youth Board Members

02 December 2021
Omladinski odbor 2021
UNICEF Srbija / 2021 / Vaš

UNICEF Serbia Youth Programme has selected 15 new members of its Youth Board whose mandate will last till the end of 2022. With the support of their mentors, the previous Youth Board members Tibor Ilic, Nina Glisic and Jovana Vasic, they will contribute to Youth Programme activities by sharing ideas and vision on topics that affect their lives, such as education, health and social protection, inequality, violence, youth employment, etc. 

"UNICEF provided me with valuable knowledge and helped me develop in areas that were not my strong suit and in which I felt insecure, for example, youth advocacy.” - Tibor Ilic, 2020-2021 Youth Board Member and 2021-2022 Youth Board Mentor. 

UNICEF Youth Board is an advisory body to the UNICEF Youth Programme which consists of young people aged 15-24 from various background and is actively engaged in the provision of space for young people to be part of UNICEF advocacy and agenda, inform their peers on opportunities for participation, especially those from the most vulnerable and marginalized groups, as well as to advocate for respect of youth voice in strategic decisions that affect their lives. 

"I come from a small community where I struggle with various prejudices, therefore I am glad that I got an opportunity to be part of the UNICEF Youth Board. I am very happy for the chance to upgrade my experience and knowledge.” - Anastasija Petkovic, 2021-2022 Youth Board Member. 

During their mandate in 2021-2022, the newly elected Youth Board will contribute to the further development of youth participation mechanisms such as U-Report platform which brings together over 10,000 adolescents and young people in Serbia; volunteering programmes and online initiatives with over 1,200 active volunteers; youth consultations with decision makers and youth raising awareness and other relevant activities. 

"I want everyone to openly say what they think and realize their interests and potentials, without fear and prejudice. So let's get acquainted with the environment, with the possibilities, let's talk. We are a society full of ideas, twists and innovations. It is much easier when we stand together to achieve our goals, and such desires and interests have led me to the UNICEF Youth Board - a team that supports everyone’s voice and wellbeing, and I am grateful to have become part of this team.” - Milica Otovic, 2021-2022 Youth Board Member.  

Youth Board 2021-2022 Newly Selected Members: 

  1. Milica Otovic 
  2. Jovana Gojkovic 
  3. Aleksa Nikolic 
  4. Bogdan Matic 
  5. Nikola Samardzic 
  6. Katarina Jovanovic 
  7. Petar Anicic 
  8. Kai Vainomaa 
  9. Anastasija Petkovic 
  10. Vojislav Djordjevic 
  11. Emanuel Jasarevic  
  12. Tara Kragulj  
  13. Lidija Andjelkovic 
  14. Benazir Numanovic 

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