UNICEF Highlights the Importance of Developmental Counselling Units During Visit to the Nis Primary Health Centre

06 February 2024
deyana poseta niš feb 2024
UNICEF Serbia/2024/Shubuckl

Belgrade, 6 February 2024 - A UNICEF delegation recently visited the Primary Health Centre in Nis and its Developmental Counselling Unit. Notably, this unit is among the 19 in Serbia that have been supported to introduce an innovative early intervention programme into their daily practice.

UNICEF has been supporting the development of evidence-based early childhood intervention services, specifically tailored for children facing developmental risks, difficulties, and disabilities, and their families. The Developmental Counselling Units, which are part of the Primary Health Centres, bring together professionals from health, education, and social services to form a multi-sectoral team, exemplifying a holistic approach to child and family support.

The success of early intervention services in Nis, including individual home sessions, support for kindergarten teachers, caregiver skills training, and assistive technology assistance, serve as an example of good practice and underscores the need for all districts in Serbia to have Developmental Counselling Units.

UNICEF is supporting the development of modalities to ensure timely access to early childhood intervention services for every child. This includes the implementation of protocols, mobile teams, teleworking, mentoring, and transportation, with a focus on establishing closer links between developmental counselling units, local governments, and social services.

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