Kragujevac Receives Third Incubator from UNICEF

22 July 2021
Kragujevac dobio treći inkubator od UNICEF-a
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Kragujevac, 22 July 2021 – Today, the Neonatology Centre of the Kragujevac University Clinical Centre received the third incubator from UNICEF, purchased thanks to a donation made by Eurobank a.d.

The incubator was donated as part of the So Small They Could Fit Inside a Heart campaign, supported by the Ministry of Health, which was initiated with the mission to equip and modernize neonatal intensive care units in Serbia. Since the launch of the campaign in late 2020, the purchased equipment included a total of eight incubators, two devices for neonatal therapeutic hypothermia which were donated to the cities of Niš and Belgrade, two resuscitation tables for UCC Kragujevac, as well as 13 infusion pumps.

The Neonatology Centre in Kragujevac has already received two incubators and two resuscitation tables, which significantly improves the conditions for the care and treatment of prematurely born babies. As many as 13 maternity hospitals in Central and Southeast Serbia gravitate toward our Centre, which means that this equipment is used for the treatment and care of  prematurely born babies from the entire region.

We are truly touched by the support we have received this year alone from UNICEF and its partners. I am proud to say that UNICEF has been our reliable partner and stood by our side even during the most severe periods of the coronavirus crisis. I am confident that our cooperation will also continue in the years to come”, said Prof. Andjelka Stojković, PhD, Director of the Paediatric Clinic of the UCC Kragujevac.

Every year, 65 thousand children are born in Serbia, of whom 4000 are born prematurely, and every day 7 babies require some form of urgent support. Premature birth is the cause of more than 60% of newborn deaths in Serbia.

EUROBANK has been our notable partner and strong support for several years. Last year, immediately at the onset of the coronavirus crisis, they supported our efforts to purchase ventilators, while this year, too, they were very quick to respond to our appeal for donations for the modernization of the neonatal intensive care units in Serbia. With such reliable partners by its side, capable of recognizing the significance of our initiatives and responding with generous donations, UNICEF is able to continuously implement programmes aimed at supporting children and vulnerable groups.

This campaign is an example of how we can create systemic changes together for those little heroes, whose gigantic strength, despite their frailty, is an inspiration to all of us”, said Ms Jelena Kovačević from UNICEF Serbia.

Thanks to the collaboration with the leading national experts in the area of neonatology, since 2017, UNICEF has designed a range of measures that have supported neonatal intensive care units in eight health care institutions in Niš, Kragujevac, Belgrade and Novi Sad. Following the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, as an additional form of support, UNICEF provided 12 neonatal ventilators for intensive care of prematurely born babies in these institutions.

We are delighted to see than the help we provide is in the right hands and that, by responding to UNICEF’s initiative, we are indeed helping the youngest members of our society to fight COVID-19. Our donation for the incubator for the neonatal unit at UCC Kragujevac was more than RSD 1.2 million, but the fact that it will help the babies’ battle against this treacherous virus is absolutely priceless. We are immensely proud of our cooperation with UNICEF and of the joint support that we have provided to the country’s health care system, thus enabling higher quality of health care for all people in Serbia”, stated Ms Slavica Pavlović, President of the Executive Board of Eurobank.

Since 2017, UNICEF has invested a total of RSD 53,210,532 in the modernization of neonatal care in Serbia. It will continue its mission of providing the necessary equipment and support to neonatal intensive care units, to enable them to attain the European standards, which includes the implementation of the principle of family-oriented developmental care as a vital step towards improving outcomes in terms of mortality, morbidity and development of prematurely born babies and babies born with health complications s

To date, the campaign has been joined by more than 5100 individuals and 244 small and medium-sized enterprises, their donations totalling about RSD 14 million.


So Small They Could Fit Inside a Heart



UNICEF invites citizens and the business community to continue helping with their donations, in order to show all the strength of unity and help the most vulnerable babies get the best start in life.



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