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11 January 2017
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Belgrade, 14 February 2017 – Telenor Bank account holders are now able to become members of the “Friends of UNICEF Club” and, with just a few clicks, to regularly donate for the most vulnerable children in Serbia. Telenor Bank has enabled monthly donations for the well-being of children, by allowing its clients to make monthly donations in the amount of 100, 200 or 500 dinars via Invoice by Click or standing order.

“Telenor Bank supports the strategic investment in children as the most valuable resource that every country has. With new technologies and digitalisation, new possibilities are opening up to help the most vulnerable. We are pleased that, through a partnership with UNICEF, we can improve the culture of giving in Serbia. By simplifying the process of donations and the use of innovative solutions, we motivate our users to join and help those who need it most,” said Martin Navratil, Chairman of the Executive Board of Telenor Bank.

The leading annual report on global generosity, the World Giving Index, in 2016 ranked Serbia as the 135th, out of 140 countries.

In order to improve this ranking and to promote the culture of giving in Serbia, UNICEF has launched initiatives that aim to facilitate donations for programmes for children, such as waiving bank charges for payments via a standing order and through use of innovative technologies.

“The banking sector has a strong reason to focus its business and services towards investment in children, because in this way it has a strong direct and indirect impact on communities. Therefore, it is important that children's rights are integrated into the practice of corporate social responsibility of all banking institutions,” said Michel Saint-Lot, UNICEF Representative in Serbia.

The Telenor Group and UNICEF signed a global cooperation agreement, which includes both financial and technical support in order to enable social inclusion of vulnerable groups in all countries in which Telenor operates. Telenor in Serbia has for ten years been an active participant of the growing digital society, with the ambition to make the benefits of the Internet available to everyone.

Telenor Bank is the first mobile online bank in Serbia. It has been active for two and a half years and in that time has changed the way clients access financial services. The new partnership between UNICEF and Telenor Banka aims to support the culture of giving in the country.


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