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60 years of UNICEF


60 years of UNICEF

Remembering the past and looking towards the future

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) was established in 1946 to provide food, clothes and health protection for children in post Second World War Europe.

UNICEF has a long tradition in Serbia – since 1947 when the first emergency shipment was sent to the former Yugoslavia. It has been active in the country for 60 years, including in the most difficult times in recent history, assisting in efforts to protect and promote children’s rights, to ensure that children’s basic needs and opportunities to reach their full human potentials are met.

Within its current Country Programme (2005 - 2009), UNICEF continues to be an important partner to the Governments of Serbia in its efforts to ensure that children and young people, in particular those who live in poverty and exclusion, enjoy and exercise their rights. UNICEF supports the reform processes and assists in efforts to combat poverty, harmonise legislation with the EU and international standards, achieve the Millennium Development Goals and implement the National Plans of Action for Children of the Government of Serbia. NGOs are supported and strengthened, and close cooperation has been established with the private sector.

UNICEF engages well-known personalities who volunteer their time and talents to promote children’s rights and UNICEF’s mission – to build a world fit for children.

Human development begins with the realisation, promotion and protection of children’s rights!




Remembering the past... (Part 1)

...and looking towards the future (Part 2)


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60 years of UNICEF


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