“Cards Full of Life” - UNICEF Cards and Children’s Drawings Mark 60th Anniversary

UNICEF Cards and Children’s Drawings Mark 60th Anniversary in Belgrade
© UNICEF Serbia
UNICEF Area Representative Judita Reichenberg congratulates Nemanja Bjelicic, from small town Cajetina, who won a Special Prize – fulfilling his dream to visit Belgrade ZOO

Belgrade, 2 December 2009 – A "Cards Full of Life" exhibition opened today at the Cervantes Institute in Belgrade. It is organised by UNICEF and the Serbian Ministry of Education to mark the 60th anniversary of the UNICEF cards celebration in Serbia.

The exhibition is devoted to UNICEF cards and drawings and literary works done by primary school children who participated in the UNICEF greeting card and Christmas wish contest.

The winners of the “My UNICEF Card” competition are 8th grade pupil Lazar Kostic, 6th grade pupil Jelena Taskovic, and 4th grade pupil Djordje Krunic.

The awards for the best literary work on “My New Year Wishes” went to 2nd grade pupil Jovana Zivkovic, 6th grade pupil Sandra Petrovic, and 6th grade pupil Bogdan Dzekic. 


Winning-card-Serbia 60th Anniversary Competition in Belgrade
© UNICEF Serbia
The winning art work from "My UNICEF Card" competition made by 6th grade pupil Lazar Kostic

Nemanja Bjelicic, a 3rd grade pupil from primary school in a small Serbian town Cajetina, won a Special Prize – fulfilling his dream to visit the Belgrade ZOO. 

“Rade Dodic” primary school in the Milutovac municipality was awarded for the largest number of UNICEF Cards sold in proportion to the total number of pupils in the school.

“I am fascinated by the exquisite work you have done! A famous artist, whom you have probably heard of, Pablo Picasso, once said: ‘Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.’ Looking at the art work of yours here, I only hope that growing up will not change the artists in you”, said UNICEF Area Representative Judita Reichenberg addressing the children. 

UNICEF partners, companies Comtrade, Telenor, Adidas and bookstore Mamut, sponsored the prizes for the winners.

60 years of UNICEF Cards 

UNICEF celebrates the 60th anniversary of its greeting cards together with the partners throughout the world with the special campaign “Cards Full of Life”.  Over 60 years to date, UNICEF greeting cards symbolize hope for a better future for all children in the world. The funds collected through the sale of these cards help millions of children all over the world receive food, water, vaccines, hospitals, schools, families and homes. When you buy UNICEF Cards you are contributing to a better tomorrow for all children who do not have the opportunities in life.




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