Decade of Roma Inclusion- 15th International Steering Committee Meeting


Belgrade, February 18, 2009 - Participating countries presented on their recent work on Roma integration policy to the 15th International Steering Committee (ISC). Further, movements in Europe – particularly in Decade countries such as Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Repbulic – that provoke attacks and statements against Roma were discussed.

Despite the fact that governments routinely reject such extremist views, these proclomations are gaining strength. A significant proportion of the population of the participating countries agrees with the anti-Roma statements of the recent past, and often expresses such views publicly.

The International Steering Committe rejects all extremist anti-Roma statements, the actions of paramilitary groups, and any and all violations of human rights. The ISC requests that governments use all possible legal tools to protect the Roma, to investigate what leads to attacks, and to quickly bring violators of rights to justice. The ISC further requests that non-governmental organizations of the participating countries use all legal modes and their civic legitimacy to protest against extremist elements and political provocation.

The Decade of Roma Inclusion Program will continue to monitor events occurring in its countries and asks participating countries to report on these tendencies and the results of their investigations at the next International Steering Committee meeting.

Decade of Roma Inclusion 2005-2015
Participants of 15th International Steering Committee Meeting
17-18, February 2009, Belgrade, Serbia

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