Clever Book for Mother and Father

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UNICEF Area Representative Judita Reichenberg, Minister of Health Tomica Milosavljevic, representative of "Imlek" company Nevena Veselinovic

Belgrade, 9 December 2008 - The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia and UNICEF launched today a parental manual "Clever Book for Mother and Father – basic messages for small children parents from birth to the age of three".

The foundation for the overall development of a child is in the first three years of life. In this sensitive period, new parents are often left alone, faced with numerous challenges and dilemmas – from questions on how to hold a baby, to why the baby is crying, or whether milk is good enough... All these questions, typical for almost all new and young parents, motivated us to prepare the manual. The content is adjusted to the needs of young and new parents and, without an ambition to offer solutions to all the situations, it  gives the answers to some most common and most important questions that the parents can have in the first three years of their children’s life.

The Ministry of Heakth and the Serbian Paediatric Association gave a significant contribution to the preparation of the Manual while  "Imlek" company, UNICEF’s strategic corporative partner in Serbia, financially supported the printing of 30,000 copies of the publication.

The Manual will be distributed free of charge to the young parents through maternity wards, health centers, public health institutes and kindergartens.

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DOWNLOAD Parental Manual "Clever Book for Mother and Father" (in Serbian only)

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