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Trends in child mortality in Asia-Pacific
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Asia-Pacific has seen a remarkable reduction in annual numbers of under-five deaths since 1970
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Strong gains in child survival are evident in some of Asia-Pacific’s poorest countries
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Distribution of under-five deaths by cause in Asia-Pacific, 2000–2003
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Pneumonia is a major cause of child deaths in Asia-Pacific
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South Asia has the highest rate of underweight children under five among the world’s regions
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Skilled attendance at delivery is key to decreasing maternal and neonatal mortality rates
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Geographical disparities in access to improved drinking-water sources are pronounced in Asia-Pacific
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South Asia's share of under-five deaths in Asia-Pacific has grown, despite falling mortality rates
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Global achievement of MDG 4 and other health-related MDGs depends on India’s progress
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Wasting, stunting, underweight and low birthweight in South Asia are at the highest rates in the world
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Subnational breakdown of India’s gains and losses in infant mortality by population group and state of residence
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Disparities in access to immunization are wide across caste, ethnic, geographical, gender and wealth divides in India
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Child mortality rates in China dropped sharply in 1970–1990, but reductions have since slowed
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Mongolia has made strong progress in reducing child deaths but still requires improved and expanded environmental health services
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The Republic of Korea has achieved remarkable reductions in its under-five and infant mortality rates
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Classifying South-Eastern Asia’s countries by rates of child mortality
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Child nutrition in South-Eastern Asia
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Poor children across South-Eastern Asia are much more likely to die before age five than their wealthier peers
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Progress towards MDG 4 is mixed across the Pacific islands
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Papua New Guinea accounted for more than 90 per cent of the Pacific’s under-five deaths in 2006
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In the Pacific, more than 1 in 5 infants are missing out on annual routine immunization coverage
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Priority interventions for Asia-Pacific countries classified by progress on child survival
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Statistics, by sub-region