Justice professionals trained on ‘Justice for children’

UNICEF is committed to support Rwanda’s efforts to promote children’s’ rights in the justice sector

By Pamela Mudakikwa
UNICEF staff giving an intervention during a meeting
22 December 2021

In the pursuit of efficient implementation of policies and laws related to Justice for Children, it is important that frontline actors and practitioners are trained and exposed to child-friendly delivery of justice. In 2020, UNICEF started  working with Rwanda’s Institute of Legal Practice and Development (ILPD) to develop and roll out training tools and courses on justice for children for Justice professionals (Judges, Prosecutors, Investigators, Prisons officers, Lawyers, Legal aid officers, NGOs, Rehabilitation Officers, CSOs, etc.)

Short course on Child Justice ongoing

Rwanda is working towards strengthening its justice mechanisms to ensure that they operate in the best interests of children who come into contact with the justice system as suspects, victims or witnesses.  The training for Justice Professionals aims at ensuring that all aspects of the justice system focus on the needs and rights of the concerned children.

Legal practitioner giving a comment during a training workshop

The Justice and child protection professionals were trained on aspects of Child Psychology; Child Rights and Social Justice; Juvenile Justice and Child victim; Child rights Monitoring System; Child Rights in Civil matters; and Child Protection in the digital age. The goal of the course is to ensure that the best interest of children is their primary consideration at all times by protecting the child, giving the child a voice and treating the child with dignity and respect throughout the justice process.

Legal practitioners discussing during a child-friendly workshop

The programme has reached 288 Justice and Child Protection Professionals so far, with an aim to train 700 by the end of June 2022.

Workshop on Child-Justice ongoing
Official validation of the Child Justice Programme with strong support from Government and partners.

The following Public Institutions and NGOs have been consulted in the development and validation of the programme; Ministry of Gender and Family Promotion, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Local Government, the National Public Prosecution Authority (NPPA), the Supreme Court, the Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB), the BAR Association, the National Rehabilitation Service (NRS), the Rwanda Correctional Service (RCS), the academia, the Media and CSOs.

The training programme was developed by the Institute of Legal Practice and Developed (ILPD) in collaboration with UNICEF and the National Child Development Agency (NCDA) with support from UNICEF Finland and two law firms headquartered in Finland.