IZU Programme and Results Briefs

Peruse the programme and results briefs for the "Friends of the Family" - colloquially referred to as IZUs - to learn more about this innovative approach to decentralising the social workforce in Rwanda


The Government of Rwanda is committed to ensuring that all children achieve their full potential while growing up in a safe and protective environment.

The ‘Friends of the Family’ or ‘Inshuti z’Umuryango’ (IZU) initiative was introduced in 2016, as part of national child protection system strengthening and care reform efforts, led by the National Child Development Agency (NCD Agency; formerly the National Children’s Commission) which operates under the Ministry of Gender and Family Promotion (MIGEPROF). There are IZU in every district of Rwanda, with one female IZU and one male IZU selected per village. Mobilization of this frontline volunteer cadre was led by NCD Agency, with support from development partners including UNICEF, Save the Children, Hope and Homes for Children, and World Vision.

Download and peruse the programme brief and results documents to learn more about this innovative approach to child protection, and the impact it continues to have in Rwanda. 

A woman holds a girl in a comforting way as she counsels her
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