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Keeping Malaria at bay in Rwanda
16 October 2011 – Across Rwanda, mothers and children are benefiting from faster malaria diagnosis, the widespread distribution of nets, and the diligence of hospital and health centre staff determined to keep malaria in check.

A healthy future for Rwanda’s babies
June 2011: In the busy lake-side town of Gisenyi, a therapeutic nutrition rehabilitation unit is helping to give babies a healthy start in life, thanks to support from UNICEF.

New hope in combating number one killer of children
February 2011 - It’s just a little over a year since Rwanda introduced a pneumococcal conjugate vaccine known as PCV-7, which protects children against one of the most severe causes of pneumonia, and surprisingly the results seem positive.

How an sms can save a life
July 2010 - A small chip inserted inside an ordinary mobile phone is helping mothers, families, health workers, district officials and Ministry of Health staff ensure that pregnant mothers receive the best health care.

A feeding pot enriched with vitamins
June 2010 - Nyamata, Rwanda: Twice a year, in this dusty plain in eastern Rwanda, the Ministry of Health with support from UNICEF organises a Mother and Child Health Week to provide key life saving interventions like immunisations and vitamin A.

Mosquito nets to keep malaria at bay
June 2010 - Seraphine Kabasinga, mother of four, has always been scared of malaria. And since she lives in an endemic-zone, just an hour east of Rwanda’s capital, she knows that malaria can kill.



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