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Living Positively
26 October 2011 – Ange, a 15-year-old student in Rwanda, says she still feels sad when she remembers that she has HIV. But when she meets with her peer support group and other teens who share her problems, she can dream once again of becoming a minister..

Helping Rwanda’s babies have an HIV-free future
September 2011: In the small town of Nyamata, forty-five minutes south of the nation’s capital, a comprehensive programme is in place to give the babies of HIV positive parents the best start in life.

Life Skills Clubs in Rwandan school promote universal values and leadership skills
July 2011 - Twice a week, students at the Murama Child Friendly School in Rwanda’s Bugesera district, participate in Life Skills Clubs, learning and discussing topics that are difficult to broach in their homes...

A Model manner to support children orphaned by AIDS in Rwanda
June 2010 - In the heart of western Rwanda, amidst a thousand hills in the district of Rutsiro, live hundreds of children orphaned by HIV and AIDS.

A positive way to make a difference
June 2010 - In the heart of Kigali, Rwanda’s capital, there is a centre that provides holistic services to families to prevent the transmission of HIV from parents to their children.

Empowering vulnerable youth to prevent HIV
March 2010, Nkanke Parish, situated on the green, muddy and beautiful hills that surround Lake Kivu in south-west Rwanda, is working for an improved future for young Rwandans seeking to overcome poverty and AIDS.



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