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Silent Advocacy: How Statistics Empower
12 October 2017 - Mutabazi, a 16-year-old student at Institute Filippo Smaldone, shares his ideas with the UNICEF team by using sign language. Like the other 168 students at his school, Mutabazi has a hearing disability.

Visualising Data - Kamugisha Harnesses the Power of Infographics
12 July 2017 - “When I graduated from university, this laptop was my only possession,” he said, displaying it proudly. Kamugisha Marius, a young Rwandan entrepreneur, received the laptop when he won the prestigious Infographics Competition.

“Life is all about setting goals” - Josiah’s story
February 2017 - “Life is all about setting goals. Without data, we don’t know how things were 15 years ago, and we don’t know how we want to be 15 years from now. ....”



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