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Despite language barriers and trauma, Burundian refugee students continue secondary school in Rwanda
3 October 2018 - Three years ago, Anne Anaïs Ndikuriyo arrived in Mahama Refugee Camp with her family. Anne Anaïs, a Burundian refugee, is now 16 years old now and is in her third year of secondary school at Paysannat L just outside of Mahama Camp.

All refugee children in Mahama camp benefit from all 11 routine immunizations recommended for children
14 April 2016 - In a health centre in Mahama Camp, mothers are lining up to get their children vaccinated. The women know that their children need to be protected against vaccine-preventable illnesses through routine immunizations made available.

Hygiene and sanitation efforts improve health among refugees
11 April 2016 - 145 trained health promoters who were trained in January and February 2016, are now working to sensitize refugees in Mahama Camp on hygiene and sanitation practices to prevent illnesses and make the camp a safe and place to live.

Improving students’ daily learning with support from the school-based mentoring program
25 September 2015 - More than 3,000 Congolese refugee children from the Mugombwa refugee camp attend the nearby Mugombwa School together with other Rwandan children in the neighbouring community.

Support from the Government of Japan complements provision of a protective environment for Jeanine and children in Mugombwa refugee camp
25 September 2015 – Jeanine, 16 years old, crossed the border to Rwanda with her four siblings from the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo and now lives at the Mugombwa refugee camp. She came unaccompanied without her parents.

Early Childhood Development and Family centre in Mugombwa provides opportunity for Congolese refugee children to have the best start in life
25 September 2015 - Mugombwa refugee camp, Rwanda “Let’s stand in line” says Aimable Niyosenga, one of the caregivers to the children at the Early Childhood Development and Family (ECD&F) centre inside the Congolese refugee camp in Mugombwa.

Fortified peanut paste saves lives of Burundian refugee children
11 August 2015 - When he gets the chance to wriggle free, 11-month-old Gad crawls quickly inside a large tent. The tent is a meeting place erected in the midst of thousands of smaller white tents dotted across a massive purpose-built refugee camp.

Emergency response: Vaccination Week supported by UNICEF at Mahama Refugee Camp
June 2015 - Cansilde Miburo knows the dangers of measles only too well. When her second son, Niyomwungeri, was four years old, he developed a rash and a fever that at first she thought the same condition his elder brother once had...

Community Health Workers play an integral role in the Burundi refugees’ response at the Mahama Refugee Camp
2 June 2015 - Mahama camp, Kirehe district: At Easter, this was a gently sloping green hillside occasionally grazed by local livestock, sparsely dotted with ficus trees, and a route for villagers fetching water from the winding Kagera river below.

As Burundi refugees continue to increase in Rwanda, UNICEF accelerates Nutrition response in Mahama Refugee Camp
21 May 2015 - In a makeshift clinic made of tarpaulins in a hillside camp for tens of thousands of new Burundian refugees in eastern Rwanda, Zainabu Nduwayo sat comforting her baby daughter Bellise as she woke from a nap.



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