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Photo of the week


Photo of the week

See our “Photo of the Week” section where you can find good smiles and stories from Rwanda!

Photo of the week:

Children from the Gikomero Early Childhood Development and Family centre together with their caregivers. Read their story >
© UNICEF Rwanda/2016/Park


Albertine, our UNICEF Rwanda Partnerships Officer, visits Miyove sector in Gicumbi district. She meets with Marcelline, mother of 4 children and promotes Itetero children’s radio programme.
© UNICEF Rwanda/2016/Park


Prosper is 10 years old and she enjoys playing with her friends at the Child Friendly Space in the Mahama Refugee camp.
© UNICEF Rwanda/2016/Mugabe


“Cleanliness is godliness. That is why we like what we do in making our school clean” says Olivier and his friends. They are members from the Hygiene Club members at Gitare School in Burera district. “#WASH #Hygiene
© UNICEF Rwanda/2016/Park


Frank, 3 years old favourite activity at the Zaza ECD&F centre in Ngoma favourite is playing with toys #PlayBasedLearning #ECD #CognitiveDevelopment
© UNICEF Rwanda


“I love to help others and support my community” says Assumpta, a Community Health Worker from Musanze district. She supports mothers at the regular growth monitoring programme and other health programmes.
© UNICEF Rwanda


“We work to make sure our school is always clean. And we enjoy what we do” say the hygiene club members (formed from children) from Gitare II School in Burera district. Children have a routine to clean toilets and spread messages of importance of hygiene and sanitation in their school and their catchment area.
© UNICEF Rwanda/2016/Park


Jehovanice is a happy girl. Why? Because it is her first day at Nyamiyaga Pre-primary School in Kamonyi district. Read more >>
© UNICEF Rwanda/2016


Etienne is posing with Gedeon, UNICEF WASH Officer. He is happy to now have access to clean water in his village in Nyabihu district. UNICEF has been providing clean water access to remote villages in the North and Western province in partnership with the Government of Rwanda and the Government of the Netherlands.
© UNICEF Rwanda/2016/Park


Hon. Minister from Gender and Family Promotion received a special gift – a painting that was prepared by Diane from the TMM programme. The paining shows how a wonderful family means to Diane and how happy she is in her family.
#TMM #Letsraisechildreninfamilies #childprotection
© UNICEF Rwanda/2016


Last Saturday, children participated at the launch of the Tubarere Mu Muryango/Let’s raise children in families #TMM campaign in Kigali by the Ministry of Gender and Family Promotion, National Commission for Children and UNICEF. “It is every child’s right to live in a loving family and protective environment” said Nicole.
© UNICEF Rwanda/2016/Park


Children participating in the painting activity as part of the TMM (Tubarerere Mu Muryango) / Let’s raise children in families) programme and UNICEF Rwanda staff pose for a photo. “Once I didn't have a family. Thanks to TMM, I have one that loves me. I am painting that experience now” said a happy Ingabire, 9 years old
© UNICEF Rwanda/2016/Park


Igiraneza Samantha Power, 3 and a half months with her mother Evelyne Niyonzima is waiting for routine vaccination in Mahama refugee camp for the Burundian refugees.
©UNICEF Rwanda/2016/Ngoboka


Marja-Riitta Ketola, UNICEF Finland Executive Director, plays with children from Nyamiyaga Pre-primary School.
©UNICEF Rwanda/2016/Mugabe


Jean Bosco from Gicumbi district is washing his hands with soap before eating. His mother helps him and tells him the importance of washing hands.
#WASH #Handwashing #1000Days
© UNICEF Rwanda/2014/Muellenmeister


Women from Kiramuruzi village in Gatsibo district are cutting vegetables to dry at the solar dryer. #1000days #GoodNutrition #balanceddiet
© UNICEF Rwanda/2016/Noorani


“Here’s a box of traditional Finnish learning materials to play and learn mathematics with” said a smiling UNICEF Finland Goodwill Ambassador Eija Ahvo presenting it to Valence at Nyamiyaga School.
#GWAs #education
©UNICEF Rwanda/2016/Mugabe


“I can see you through my binoculars” says Iranzi, 4 year-old boy at the Kanyinya Pre-primary School.
Find stories on Pre-primary education here >> 
© UNICEF Rwanda/2016/Park


Yonah, our Education Officer met with children from the Kaninya School during the school break. He says “Every child has a right to play and grow healthy”  #everychild #righttoplay
Read more about this event >>  
©UNICEF Rwanda/2014/Park


Janviere, 12-year-old girl from Gasabo district participated in the “Reading Data with children” event organised by UNICEF and the National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda (NISR). This event was part of the African Statistics Day and the 10th Anniversary of the NISR celebrations. “I am so happy our children are holding the government accountable for the issues relating to their present and future”, said Dominique Habimana, Director from the National Institute of Statistics and Research.
Read more about this event >>
©UNICEF Rwanda/2015/Mugabe


Jean Bosco from Gicumbi says hi with a big smile to the camera from his parents’ kitchen garden.
#1000Days #Nutrition #BalancedDiet
©UNICEF Rwanda/2014/Muellenmeister


Children from Gatsibo district share a laugh after the #Nutrition cooking demonstration. The cooking demonstration where their mothers come and participate, is a key component of the Nutrition programme.
© UNICEF Rwanda/2016/Park


Break time is never boring at the Buramira Primary School as a child keeps himself active by playing basketball on a nice afternoon. #everychild #tusemeclub
© UNICEF Rwanda/2015/Mugabe


9 month old Olive Byiringiro came with his mother to an Early Childhood Development & Family event organised jointly by Imbuto Foundation and UNICEF Rwanda in Nyamagabe district. His mother mentions by the looks of it, he is already looking forward to joining the activities of the ECD&F centre soon. Early childhood is critical to a child’s cognitive, social, emotional and physical development. ECD services cater to the needs of young children across interdependent developmental areas including: physical, social, emotional, language and cognitive
© UNICEF Rwanda/2015/Mugabe


Iribagiza Clarisse, a member of "Hackathon" winning team "Bright Generation" ecstatic as she receives an award from Didier Nkurikiyimfura (DG in charge of ICT/MYICT for the winning app on education. A Hackathon competition is an event in which computer programmers and others involved in software development, including graphic designers, interface designers and project managers, collaborate intensively on software projects. In this case, a two day Hackathon was organized on 15th and 16th December 2015, where the five groups of programmers and children developed usable software on child rights and SDGs. #everychild #ICT4D
© UNICEF Rwanda/2015/Mugabe


Manirareba Emmanuel, 8 months is a healthy baby weighing 7.9 kg. His mother makes it a point to bring him regularly for the community based nutrition activity which includes growth monitoring. Josephine Kayumba, UNICEF Nutrition Specialist helps Emmanuel in the growth monitoring session in Cyeza sector, Muhanga district.
© UNICEF Rwanda/2015/ Mugabe



Ineza Lucky Scovia, 3 enjoys the company of celebrity, Knowless Butera at an ECD&F centre in Ngoma district.
© UNICEF Rwanda/2015/Mugabe


Mungwaneza Alirette envisions his future during the Norwegian delegation’s visit to his school, Nyamiyaga Primary School.
© UNICEF Rwanda/2015/Mugabe



Ineza Fabrice, 3 plays with a locally made toy at the Early Childhood Development & Family (ECD&F) Centre in Gicumbi district. He wishes all a great start to the week.
© UNICEF Rwanda/2015/Mugabe


Dieu Mugisha enjoys a cup of hot porridge provided at the Early Childhood Development & Family (ECD&F) Centre in Miyove sector, Gicumbi district. ECD&F is an integrated approach which promotes the holistic development of all children through the provision of integrated health, nutrition and early stimulation and learning services to families, communities and children between the age of 0-6 years.

We believe a focus on ECD&F will give young children the best possible start in life and is also the best investment a country can make in order to achieve its national goals.

©UNICEF Rwanda/2015/Mugabe


A young boy does a headstand in the early morning hours in Mahama Refugee Camp. There are over 44,000 Burundian refugees in the camp where a majority of them are children and women (Data source: MIDIMAR Oct. 2015)
©UNICEF Rwanda/2015/Bannon


Hope -
Tuyisenge Bebe, 9 looks through a hole in the tent to see a ECD session in progress. He attends the education orientation classes in the Mahama Refugee Camp. He hopes that he can soon join and play with his friends back in Burundi.
. #BurundiRefugees
©UNICEF Rwanda/2015/Mugabe 


Pascaline, 4 year-old girl from the Mahama refugee camp in Rwanda wishes you all a nice weekend.
© UNICEF Rwanda/2015/Mugabe


Maria, 4 years old girl wishes all a Happy Wednesday as she learns to write at the Early Childhood Development Centre in Bugarura, Nyamagabe district.
©UNICEF Rwanda/2015/Mugabe


"You smile for me, I smile for you" baby boy Emmanuel.
© UNICEF Rwanda/2015/Mugabe


Beautiful Jaseline, 2 enjoys her porridge accompanied by her mother, Janet during a social mobilisation event for the 1000 Days campaign in Muhanga district. #1000days #everychild #GoodNutrition

©UNICEF Rwanda/2015/Mugabe
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Odette proudly presents her family kitchen garden which was supported by UNICEF and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
©UNICEF Rwanda/2015/Park
Read more on Community Based Nutrition activities and a visit of Members of Parliament from the Netherlands in Muhanga district >>


Children smile in front of the camera at the Mahama Burundian Refugee camp in Kirehe district, Eastern province of Rwanda.
©UNICEF Rwanda/2015/Pflanz


Eric and his friends are playing on the ground where a Child Friendly Space will be constructed at the Mugombwa refugee camp through the contribution from the Government of Japan.
©UNICEF Rwanda/2015/Park
Find more story on our support at the Mugombwa camp >>


Shakirah from the Kanyinya Child Friendly School smiles during the English class. She enjoys learning English.
©UNICEF Rwanda/2015/Randazzo


Brena is 5 years old and smiles happily while playing with a toy at the CRC@25 Exhibition at the Amhoro Stadium, Kigali. 
Read more about the CRC@25 exhibition in Rwanda >> 
©UNICEF Rwanda/2014/Mugabe


Do you know how to take a nice photo? A little boy at the Early Childhood Development Centre at the Kigeme Refugee Camp is learning now.
Read more about the ECD Center at Kigeme Refugee Camp >>
© UNICEF Rwanda/2014/Muellenmeister



Children are running to reach the new Early Childhood Development Centre at the Mugombwa refugee camp.
For more story, please visit our Facebook page >
© UNICEF Rwanda/2015/Park


Mothers are waiting at the Muhoza Health Centre for the regular check-up for their babies.
© UNICEF Rwanda/2014/Muellenmeister



Jean Bosco and his friend from Gicumbi district enjoy washing their hands with soap to keep healthy.
©UNICEF Rwanda/2014/Muellenmeister


Odette and her friend smile for the camera after their regular Tuseme Club activities, at the Buramira Child Friendly School in Rulindo district.
©UNICEF Rwanda/2015
Do you know what Tuseme means? TUSEME means “speak out” in Swahili, an initiative supported by FAWE (Forum for African Women Educationalists) and UNICEF, key partners in the Ministry of Education’s Girls Education Taskforce, which plans and implements strategies to support and promote girls’ education in Rwanda.



Children enjoy learning through play in the Kanyinya Child Friendly School
©UNICEF Rwanda/2015/Jones
Do you remember our story from the Kanyinya Child Friendly School? You can read more  Kanyinya Child Friendly School >>



Smile from Samuel, 9 year-old boy from Rubingo Child Friendly School
© UNICEF Rwanda/2015/Randazzo
Do you remember our story from the Rubingo Child Friendly School? You can read more Rubingo Child Friendly school >>


©UNICEF Rwanda /2015/Park
Dr. Grace Muriisa, UNICEF Health Specialist (PMTCT & Paediatric HIV), greets a healthy baby at the Matyazo Health Centre in Huye district.
*PMTCT: Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission
Read more about PMTCT in Rwanda >>



©UNICEF Rwanda /2014/Muellenmeister
Eric and his father playing together at the Early Childhood Development and Family (ECD&F) Centre in Rwamagana. #ECD&F #EVERYchild
Read more about Early Childhood Development in Rwanda >>




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