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Early Childhood Development

“Gushaka ni Ugushobora” - Meet one of Rwanda’s women building her country for the next generation
6 June 2019 – Standing stoic among her fellow masons and civil engineers on a sunny day, Donata watches her employees pour a new layer of cement. She does not speak often, but she is clearly in charge of the construction bustling around her.

The unmatched joy of fatherhood
12 February 2019 - Fathers. They are often seen as the embodiment of wisdom, leading by example, imparting wisdom on their children on how to navigate the journey of life. The relationship between a father and his infant child is invaluable.

Building happier families in the Rwandan tea industry
26 June 2018, Rwanda – Everyone loves a hot cup of tea. Maybe some milk, a little honey. Perhaps you are bundled up on a chilly morning, soaking in the warmth of the exotic flavour.

Inspired by Itetero, Damascene enrols in primary school, undeterred by his visual impairment
27 September 2017 – In November 2015, during an Urunana community theatre event in Gicumbi District, UNICEF staff met Damascene, a then-12-year-old boy with a visual impairment. Damascene had never attended school....

Turning to the private sector, UNICEF cultivates innovative early childhood care solutions for tea plantation workers
20 September 2017 – Nestled between steep, terraced hills and sweeping views of emerald tea fields, SORWATHE Tea Plantation is arguably one of the most beautiful and serene places in Rwanda.

Thanks to quality pre-primary learning, children aspire to contribute to the development of their country
7 February 2017 - Gasabo District – Keza is five years old. She is in her last year of pre-primary school at Gasanze School, one of the UNICEF-supported Child-Friendly Schools. She is excited about graduating from pre-primary.

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene an integral component of Early Childhood Development in Rwanda - A holistic approach
September 2016 – At the Rwamagana Early Childhood Development and Family (ECD&F) centre, 111 children aged three to six attend from four nearby villages.

“Itetero helps disseminate important messages on health through radio to reach communities in Rwanda”
30 August 2016 - Rwanda Broadcasting Agency (RBA) production team for the Itetero children’s radio programme is visiting Huye District. Itetero means “children’s nurturing space” in Kinyarwanda, Rwanda’s local language.

“Kwiga Birashimisha – Learning is fun” says Damascene - inspired by Itetero children’s radio programme
August 2016 - Damascene is 13 years old. Due to a visual impairment, Damascene had never attended school. Initially, his parents thought his vision would make it too difficult for him to attend.

Itetero gives voices to young children to express themselves and enjoy
July 2016 - It is 10 O’clock in the morning and it is time for porridge. Here at the Gikomero Early Childhood Development and Family centre in Gasabo district, Kigali City, all 117 children -- 55 boys and 62 girls -- enjoy eating porridge.

“Breastfeeding helps all children to thrive and develop to their full potential.” - Itetero children’s radio programme; 5th episode on exclusive breastfeeding
27 July 2016 - Denise Nyirabizimana is the mother of three children. Today she came to Gikomero ECD & Family Centre to have an interview with Christine Uwizeye, a radio producer from Rwanda Broadcasting Agency, for the radio’s children’s programme.

Rwanda celebrates the Universal Children’s Day while promoting social inclusion in Early Childhood Development centres
20 November 2015 - It is around 11:00am, residents of Miyove Sector, Gicumbi district in the Northern Province of Rwanda are gathering in the playground of “Groupe Scolaire de Miyove”, to watch the long awaited community drama show.

CEO of IKEA Foundation pleased with the progress of Early Childhood Development and Family intervention in Gicumbi district
28 October 2015 - Down in the hills of Miyove sector, Claudette Nyirarukundo, 27 strides around. The excitement on her face is hard to hide as the pregnant woman, finally reaches out for a wooden bench, to relax and have a sip of water.

New Early Childhood Development centre welcomes over 706 children at Mogombwa camp
7 July 2015 - Today 706 children at the Mugombwa refugee camp in Gisagara District, the Southern Province of Rwanda are moving from the five temporary tents to the new Early Childhood Development (ECD) centre.

Using “Umuganda” for a sustainable approach to Early Childhood Development & Family centres
2 March 2015 - More than 200 community members in Kagarama Cell Rukumberi sector in Ngoma District gathered on the last Saturday of February 2015 to leverage the ground on which a new Early Childhood Development and Family Centre will be constructed.

Learning through Play: Enhancing the skills of pre-primary school teachers across Rwanda
15 October 2014 - “This toy helps children develop fine motor skills,” Claudine, a pre-primary school teacher from Kamonyi District, says as she strings a piece of red thread through the tops of several pens..

Community Mobilisation at its best - to support construction of the Early Childhood Development and Family Centre
27 September - On the last Saturday of the month, community members gathered early morning for the Umuganda in Mbuye Sector of Ruhango District. Equipped with shovels, hoes and picks, around 300 community members arrived eager and ready to start.

Children receive much needed Early Childhood Development and Family (ECD&F) support in Kigeme Refugee camp
November 2013 - "I didn't realize toys could be so interesting and educational. I feel like a child today. I can’t wait to play with my children!" exclaims Clemens, a 57 -year-old mother leader who supports home-based ECD services in Kigeme refugee camp.

Improving the quality of community based early childhood development for refugee children
2013 - Bernadette Murekatete is one of six mother leaders who participated in the starters training for caregivers from Kigeme refugee camp.

Bringing early childhood development to refugee children
December 2012 – The handclapping gets louder and louder as the hundreds of onlookers cheer for their six young friends from the Democratic Republic of Congo who dance in front of the new education facilities.

Refugee parents praise new ECD centres
March 2012: Gihembe Refugee Camp is situated near Byumba town in the Northern Province of Rwanda, some 60 km from the capital Kigali. More than 20,000 Congolese refugees live in a small camp area established back in 1997.

A stimulating beginning
February 2011 - Every day, children under the age of five are dropped by their parents at Nyange Early Childhood Centre in Musanze, about two hours out of Kigali, Rwanda’s capital, to play, sing, interact and eat a rich bowl of porridge.



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