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Throughout Rwanda Children are talking: 7th Children's Summit

February 2012: Across Rwanda, children have been talking – about their dreams, issues that concern them and most of all about development with equity.

My name is Clenia. I am nine years old. I find the pre-consultation meeting quite interesting because it focuses on the most vulnerable children. These children are like me. My mother left me and went to her parents where she died. My father was a soldier and died during the war. I had an aunt who took care of me. I wish the same for children like me … to have a family …. where the child has an aunt to take care and put him or her through school so that child get an education like other children; to have a family where children are protected against violence and well integrated as other children in the family. When I grow up I would like to be a medical doctor.


My name is Niyanzima Germain. I am 17 years old. Everyone should know about the rights of the child. Also there should be some advocacy for the vulnerable children, especially those who are really in need.

A vulnerable child is a child who doesn’t go to school, a child who has no access to health and a child who doesn’t get enough food and a child who might get all the illnesses due to malnutrition. We have many children like that in my community. Some are taken care of by their families but others have no shoulder to lean on.  The main worry is that there are a lot of young people who abuse drugs. These children should be helped to go back to school for those who have left school. Then they should also meet in in their cooperatives and associations so that they are counselled about how to leave drugs.

The three things I would tell my leaders are to love each other, to understand the importance of education and to encourage people to join cooperatives so that they can feel self-sufficient. When I finish studying, I want to become an engineer.


 My name is Murwanashyaka Paul I am from Kabatezi Cell, Jenda Sector, Nyabihu district, Western Province. I am 15 years old. Today we talked about why children don’t go to school and why some parents do not protect their children. The main reason why children don’t go to school is poverty because they appropriate means and capacity.

Children should participate and be involved in all development activities because they will be the leaders tomorrow. What I would like for our future is that we shouldn’t see any more kids on the street. The second thing is that we should eliminate or eradicate poverty so that everyone feels developed. Education is the best way to eliminate poverty. When I have completed my schooling I would like to be the Minister of Youth so that I can work with young people to help them.





Rwanda 7th National Children's Summit Grassroots Consultations

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