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Key socio-economic indicators

UNICEF Rwanda/2011/Noorani
© UNICEF Rwanda/2011/Noorani

Population under 19: 53%

Life Expectancy: 65.7 years (F) and  62.4 years (M)

Fertility Rate: 4.2

Births registered: 56%

Electrification: 23%/household

GDP per capita: $719

Under-five mortality rate: 50/1,000

Under-five stunting: 38%

Maternal mortality ratio: 210/100,000

% measles immunization: 95.2%

% births attended: 90.7%

Access to improved drinking water source: 73%

Use of improved sanitation facilities: 72%

Pupil Teacher Ratio: 63:1

Net primary enrolment: 96.6%

Primary completion rate: 60.4%



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