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New policy detailing Rwanda’s vision and commitment to all children approved

17 October 2011: The National Integrated Child Rights Policy and its Strategic Plan were approved by the Rwandan Cabinet on 30 September 2011. The policy offers a comprehensive national document, detailing Rwanda’s vision and commitment to all children. It aims at harmonizing all policies related to children in order to ensure effective coordination and implementation of activities for the realization of children’s rights. In brief, the Policy and its Strategic Plan propose several solutions to reflect the commitment and vision of the Government of Rwanda for its children, in particular they will:

  1. Ensure that every child in Rwanda and every Rwandan child has his/her rights are met. 
  2. Bring together various policy initiatives and strategic plans so that the implementation of those related to children can be harmonized.
  3. Serve as guide for any policy, plan, legislation or program intervention specifically designed for children or that can impact/ affect children.
  4.  Ensure regular assessment and analysis of the situation of children such that various plans can be guided by systematic and regularly updated data, across all thematic areas.
  5. Ensure the establishment of mechanisms by which data/information on children’s issues will be collected, analyzed and used.

UNICEF has supported the process of developing this policy since 2009, and will continue to support the Ministry of Gender and Family Promotion and other partners to implement the provisions of the Policy and its Strategic Plan.

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