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Newsline 2011

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UNICEF calls for children with disabilities to be included in all development
3 December 2011 – Marking the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, UNICEF today called on the global development community to focus greater attention and investment in helping children and young people with disabilities to realize their rights.

Achieving Quality Education for All is Possible
29 November 2011: At the opening of the summit on Achieving Quality Education for All, the Guest of Honour, Hon. Dr. John Damascene Ntawukuriryayo emphasised how improving the quality of learning will help the country achieve its economic development...

Right to Invest in Nutrition
22 November 2011: At the opening of Rwanda’s Second National Summit on Nutrition, Dr. Nicholas Alipui, UNICEF’s Global Director for Programmes, congratulated the country for keeping nutrition high on its national agenda...

UNICEF Commemorates Universal Children’s Day with call to protect children from violence
20 November 2011 – On the occasion of the 22nd anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, UNICEF today joined with the World Day of Prayer and Action for Children in issuing a call to protect children from violence.

UNICEF supports a better understanding of Social Protection in Rwanda
15 November 2011 - UNICEF concluded a week-long workshop on the importance of child-sensitive social protection. The workshop and a seminar was organised for government officials and vice mayors from all of the country’s 30 districts.

Adolescents Should Not be the Missing Face of AIDS
9 November 2011: At the nation’s seventh annual conference on Children and HIV, UNICEF emphasized the importance of investing in adolescent-appropriate prevention and care programmes to ensure that young people, who make up almost half of new infections..

Rwanda celebrates Global Handwashing Day
17 October 2011 - Poor sanitation and hygiene contributes to millions of preventable deaths every year, including 1.6 million from diarrhoea alone.

Empowering earthquake affected communities
October 2011 - It was just after 9am on a Sunday morning three years ago that a devastating earthquake ripped through two of Rwanda’s south-westerly districts, injuring 464 and killing 29, most of whom were praying in church at the time.

Parents and teachers working together to improve learning in Rwanda
October 2011 - Newly created Parent-Teacher Associations at certain schools in Rwanda are beginning to show results in terms of school management and pupil learning outcomes.

Living Positively
26 October 2011 – Ange, a 15-year-old student in Rwanda, says she still feels sad when she remembers that she has HIV. But when she meets with her peer support group and other teens who share her problems, she can dream once again of becoming a minister..

New policy detailing Rwanda’s vision and commitment to all children approved
17 October 2011: The National Integrated Child Rights Policy and its Strategic Plan were approved by the Rwandan Cabinet on 30 September 2011.

Keeping Malaria at bay in Rwanda
16 October 2011 – Across Rwanda, mothers and children are benefiting from faster malaria diagnosis, the widespread distribution of nets, and the diligence of hospital and health centre staff determined to keep malaria in check.

UNICEF Welcomes Rwandan First Lady’s Campaign to End Violence against Children.
3 October 2011: At the first-ever national conference on stopping violence against children, Rwanda’s First Lady, Jeannette Kagame, launched a campaign to end violence against children, saying that action against violence was not a luxury but a necessity.

Helping Street Children find their way back home
20 September 2011 - Hundreds of former street children in Kigali are returning to homes they once deserted, thanks to the help of centers like FIDESCO, supported by UNICEF.

UNICEF Commends Progress in Access to Education in Rwanda
16 September 2011: At the opening of the joint review of the education sector, UNICEF, speaking on behalf of all development partners, called for a greater focus on quality and equity to ensure that all Rwandan girls and boys access and quality education.

Helping Rwanda’s babies have an HIV-free future
September 2011: In the small town of Nyamata, forty-five minutes south of the nation’s capital, a comprehensive programme is in place to give the babies of HIV positive parents the best start in life.

UNICEF Supports Training for Government on Data Management to Eliminate Malnutrition
September 2011 - Promoting nutrition, particularly amongst children under the age of five, has been a strong Government priority since August 2009.

Providing vital care for Rwanda’s vulnerable children
September 2011 - Perched high in the hills above Rwanda’s Lake Kivu is a project that is transforming the lives of nearly 1,000 orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs).

New UNICEF Representative in Rwanda
Rwanda, August 19, 2011 - At a meeting in Kigali this afternoon, UNICEF’s newly appointed Representative to Rwanda, Ms. Noala Skinner, presented her credentials to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Challenges Facing Children with Disabilities in Rwanda
August 2011 - Five years ago, students with disabilities at Murama Child Friendly School, in Rwanda’s southern Bugasera district, felt isolated from their classmates, unable to participate in even a simple game of hide-and-seek or football.

Improving Access to Education for Rwanda’s children
July 2011: All over Rwanda pupils are benefitting from improved health and hygiene facilities in their schools to ensure that fewer of them drop out.

Life Skills Clubs in Rwandan school promote universal values and leadership skills
July 2011 - Twice a week, students at the Murama Child Friendly School in Rwanda’s Bugesera district, participate in Life Skills Clubs, learning and discussing topics that are difficult to broach in their homes...

A healthy future for Rwanda’s babies
June 2011: In the busy lake-side town of Gisenyi, a therapeutic nutrition rehabilitation unit is helping to give babies a healthy start in life, thanks to support from UNICEF.

UNICEF Welcomes Rwanda’s Campaign to Eliminate HIV Transmission from Mother to Child
13 May 2011 – UNICEF welcomed the announcement yesterday of a national campaign to eliminate the vertical transmission of HIV from mother to child in Rwanda.

A House for Janine
May 2011: The two mud houses are visible from the narrow dirt road. Outside one of them, a boy sits on the ground, handling some wooden slats.

First Lady and UNICEF Reward Rwanda's Best Performing Girls
March 10, 2011 - At a ceremony held in the heart of Rwanda, three hours from the nation's capital, 470 girls were honored by Rwanda’s First Lady, the Minister of State for Education and UNICEF for their excellent performance in school.

Radio Drama to trigger social transformation launched
Kamonyi, 26 February 2011 - At an event organized by Rwanda’s Ministry of Gender and Family Promotion in partnership with UNICEF and Urunana, a NGO specializing in development communication, launched an initiative to promote social and community dialogue.

Not stigmatised for being a child soldier
February 2011 - At a lake camp, one hour from Rwanda’s capital, thirty boys have come together for a three month course that offers counselling, education, recreational activities and vocational training to young men.

Child-friendly Schools that are Teacher-friendly too
February 2011: It is now exactly seven years since Rubingo Primary School was transformed into a centre of learning excellence.

They dream of a better future
February 2011 - Just like in any other family, each sibling seems to have a particular task. Monique – the more outgoing of the 17 year-old twins – welcomes the visitors, her sister Denise – quiet and shy – attends to some chores behind the house...

A stimulating beginning
February 2011 - Every day, children under the age of five are dropped by their parents at Nyange Early Childhood Centre in Musanze, about two hours out of Kigali, Rwanda’s capital, to play, sing, interact and eat a rich bowl of porridge.

New hope in combating number one killer of children
February 2011 - It’s just a little over a year since Rwanda introduced a pneumococcal conjugate vaccine known as PCV-7, which protects children against one of the most severe causes of pneumonia, and surprisingly the results seem positive.

Barclays employees present UNICEF with cheque to improve education in Rwanda
8 February 2011 - At a ceremony in Kigali today, two Barclays employees from the United Kingdom presented the UNICEF Representative in Rwanda with a cheque for £162,681.83.

World’s First International Community Health Conference Held in Kigali
4 February, 2011 - Over 350 delegates from 15 countries converged in Kigali last week to call the world’s attention to the rapid expansion and scope of community health in strengthening health systems and achieving the MDGs.

Famous Swiss Actor Anatole Taubman Visits Rwanda
January 17-21, 2011 - With a warm smile, resonating voice and a desire to make a difference, famous Swiss actor and Spokesperson for Vulnerable Children for UNICEF Switzerland, Anatole Taubman, journeyed throughout Rwanda.



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