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Newsline 2010

News from Rwanda on the UNICEF global website

Norwegian rap group 'Karpe Diem' brings music and inspiration to Rwandan children
KIGALI, Rwanda, 13 August 2010 – While in Rwanda recently, the renowned Norwegian rap group ‘Karpe Diem’ visited children benefitting from UNICEF programmes. The band was in the country with a film crew to shoot footage for an upcoming UNICEF fundraising concert in Norway.

Thousands attend screening of matches in rural Rwanda
NEW YORK/Rubavu District, 25 June 2010 - More than 3000 young people and their families in rural Rwanda watched the opening game of the World Cup.  Since then, an average of 2,000 people have returned every night to watch the matches, thanks to a project by UNICEF and partners to broadcast the World Cup matches in Rubavu District.

Rwandan student films premier during FIFA World Cup 2010
GISENYI, Rwanda, 23 June 2010 – Aspiring filmmakers in a remote village in Rwanda now have an exciting opportunity to share their vision of the world.

First Lady and UN Deputy Secretary-General look to the future of Rwanda's girls and women
KIGALI, Rwanda, 21 May 2010 – Her Excellency Jeanette Kagame, the First Lady of the Republic of Rwanda, inaugurated the Kacyiru Police Hospital here earlier this week. With support from UNICEF, the Office of the First Lady and the Imbuto Foundation, Kacyiru Police Hospital delivers services to over 61,000 people – primarily women and children.

In the face of challenges, award honors Rwandan girls
KARONGI, Rwanda, 12 May 2010 – Among grazing cows in the heart of western Rwanda, three hours away from the nation’s capital, Kigali, First Lady Jeannette Kagame recently helped celebrate some of Rwanda’s most talented young students.

UNICEF Executive Board sees unity in diversity among UN partners in Rwanda
MURAMA CHILD-FRIENDLY SCHOOL, Rwanda, 30 April 2010 – Members of the UNICEF Executive Board, along with colleagues from other United Nations agency Executive Boards, recently visited Rwanda to better understand how reforms in the UN system are working on the ground.

Barclays invests in the future of Rwandan children through child-friendly schools
KIGALI, Rwanda, 21 April 2010 – In November 2008, more than 3,500 employees of Barclays, the global financial services provider, voted to make UNICEF’s ‘child-friendly schools’ project in Rwanda the focus of their 2009 fundraising efforts.

Press releases Rwanda

Eco-san latrines bring improved quality of life and health to earthquake affected communities in South West Rwanda
November 2010 - On a wet and muddy hill, not far from the tranquillity of sparkling Lake Kivu, where a series of earthquakes struck in February 2008, some of the poorest members of this community, including households headed up by children, widows...

Head of Jica visits earthquake hit region to see rehabilitation efforts
November 2010 - A few weeks ago, a team comprising of a Japanese delegation, UNICEF officials and local leaders from Rusizi district in Western Rwanda visited several sites where rehabilitation work is underway following a deadly earthquake that hit the a

6th Rwandan Conference on Children and AIDS Tackles Role of Education Sector in Preventing and Mitigating Effects of HIV
November 18, 2010 - Key note speakers at the sixth annual Pediatric Conference on Children and AIDS in Rwanda appealed to the education sector to take on a stronger role in both preventing and protecting children affected by HIV.

Children’s Summit in Rwanda Focuses on Education fit for Children
November 16, 2010 - At the sixth Children’s Summit, over 400 children from across Rwanda and neighboring East African countries, talked with cabinet members about how they wanted to improve their schools and learning experience.

United Nations Rwanda congratulates Government for Promoting Statistics for Evidenced Based Policymaking
October 19, 2010 – At the opening ceremony for the launch of the National Strategy for the Development of Statistics, the UN Resident Coordinator, congratulated the Government of Rwanda for putting in place a strategy that will enhance data collection ...

Joint Review of the Education Sector in Rwanda focuses on quality education for all
October 12, 2010 - Last week, the Government of Rwanda and its key partners, including UNICEF, sat down for a two-day annual review meeting to assess progress in improving the quality of education in Rwanda.

UNICEF Hands Over Vehicles to Promote Access to Water and Sanitation in Rwanda
September 6, 2010 – At a ceremony to hand-over five twin-cabin pickups to the districts of Rubavu, Nyabihu, Burera and Musanze to accelerate access to safe water and improved sanitation for at least half a million people in the next three years...

Rays of hope emerge after a deadly earthquake in Rwanda
August 2010 - It’s exactly 2 and a half years since a series of earthquakes struck Rwanda in the two districts of Rusizi and Nyamasheke but despite the great damage that was incurred, remarkable achievements have been made in restoring the victims’ hope.

The "World Cup in my village" that I will forever miss
July 2010 - As each of us joined the rest of Africans in hosting the last game of the world’s most treasured tournament in South Africa, an ideal analysis proves that beyond the trophy which they (Africans) failed to win on their own ground...

Running on full
July 2010 - Josephine Ayinkamiye is a 36 year old mother of six children. She lives in a very poor region in Rwanda, where until recently, fetching water was daily drudgery.

How an sms can save a life
July 2010 - A small chip inserted inside an ordinary mobile phone is helping mothers, families, health workers, district officials and Ministry of Health staff ensure that pregnant mothers receive the best health care.

Norwegian rap duo puts smiles on the faces of former street children in Rwanda
July 2010 - A famous Norwegian rap band, ‘Karpe Diem’, has been in the country to support UNICEF in improving the lives of young children.

A model manner to support children orphaned by AIDS in Rwanda
June 2010 - In the heart of western Rwanda, amidst a thousand hills in the district of Rutsiro, live hundreds of children orphaned by HIV and AIDS.

A positive way to make a difference
June 2010 - In the heart of Kigali, Rwanda’s capital, there is a centre that provides holistic services to families to prevent the transmission of HIV from parents to their children.

Mosquito nets to keep malaria at bay
June 2010 - Seraphine Kabasinga, mother of four, has always been scared of malaria. And since she lives in an endemic-zone, just an hour east of Rwanda’s capital, she knows that malaria can kill.

A feeding pot enriched with vitamins
June 2010 - Nyamata, Rwanda: Twice a year, in this dusty plain in eastern Rwanda, the Ministry of Health with support from UNICEF organises a Mother and Child Health Week to provide key life saving interventions like immunisations and vitamin A.

A Model manner to support children orphaned by AIDS in Rwanda
June 2010 - In the heart of western Rwanda, amidst a thousand hills in the district of Rutsiro, live hundreds of children orphaned by HIV and AIDS.

The Isange one stop centre : transforming the lives of survivors of violence in Rwanda
May 2010 - Mary is 32 years old with 4 children. She was married for 17 years to a man who emotionally and physically abused her.

Live open air screenings of the World Cup in Rubavu District
May 2010 - Young Africans are passionate about soccer, and young people in Rubavu district will be able to watch TV broadcasts of the 2010 World Cup, thanks to a special project set up by the Ministry of Youth, the One UN in Rwanda...

Four and a half million Rwandan children targeted for life-saving interventions
April 27, 2010 - During a week long campaign, launched today by the First Lady of Rwanda, millions of children and women across the country will be reached with a package of critical life-saving interventions to accelerate maternal and child survival.

Empowering vulnerable youth to prevent HIV
March 2010, Nkanke Parish, situated on the green, muddy and beautiful hills that surround Lake Kivu in south-west Rwanda, is working for an improved future for young Rwandans seeking to overcome poverty and AIDS.

UNICEF promotes introduction of innovative technology to Rwanda
16 February 2010 - At the launch of a safe water initiative today, UNICEF joined with the Ministry of Energy and Water and the Kigali Institute of Science and Technology to highlight how a marginalized community of “potters” can be empowered...



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