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Live open air screenings of the World Cup in Rubavu District

Young Africans are passionate about soccer, and young people in Rubavu district will be able to watch TV broadcasts of the 2010 World Cup, thanks to a special project set up by the Ministry of Youth, the One UN in Rwanda, UNICEF – New York, Vision Jeunesse Nouvelle, and the Children’s Radio Foundation. A large open-air screen and projector will be set-up in Rubavu district. The pilot project will provide youth in the area access to watch the games.

The World Cup matches will be screened from 11 June to 11 July. In addition to watching football games, the Ministry of Youth will hold discussions with the youth before the screening of the matches as part of the Youth Week celebrations. Moreover, special public service announcements produced by the UN in Rwanda will provide the audience with information about education, health, HIV, reproductive health, protecting the environment and child protection. The public viewing spaces will also be used for community events such as youth soccer games, cultural dances and short plays all geared to educating young people.

“If we want to reach the youth in rural areas we have to be innovative”, says the Minister of Youth, Protais Mitali. “This initiative will give our children and young people a voice, education and the opportunity to enjoy the World Cup”. He added.

The youth will be encouraged to do more than just watch the games. Both before and during the screenings, video and audio training workshops will be offered to help them build story-writing and equipment skills that will allow them to report on the Cup and on matters that have an impact on their lives. Flip cameras, laptops and recording devices will be provided and social media platforms will be used so that a global audience can witness the excitement that the World Cup will bring to this area. This way, young people can interact with other young soccer fans around the world and share their personal experiences.  

“Our future is pegged on the young generation” says Aurélien Agbénonci, UN Resident Coordinator. “This project is just but a stepping stone of what the Ministry and the UN in Rwanda can do together to reach out to our youth“. he added. 

The World Cup in My Village project has been developed in support of the 1 Goal campaign, which promotes education for all children. Short videos produced by young people will show their take on education and youth participation. The importance of succeeding in bringing education to all will be highlighted by the UN messaging around the games.

For further information or to arrange for an interview with staff on the ground or youth spokespersons from the region please contact:
Serge Nzabonimana, Advisor to the Minister of Youth, tel: +250782170700 email:
Cyriaque Ngoboka, UNICEF Rwanda, tel.:  +250 788 305 221,
Janine Kandel, UNICEF New York, tel.: + 1 212 326 7684,
Hillevi Ekberg, UN Rwanda Communication Adviser, tel: +250 783159085,
Michal Rahfaldt, Children’s Radio Foundation, tel.: +27 72 341 2880,




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