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UNICEF Rwanda/2015/Ngoboka

UNICEF donates 6 cars to Ministry of Education
November 2015 - Six Teachers Training Colleges (TTC) have just received six vehicles from UNICEF Rwanda through the Ministry of Education.

UNICEF Rwanda/2015/Bannon

Protecting displaced and vulnerable children
15 June 2015 - Almost 1 of every 10 Burundian refugee children in Rwanda arrived here without their parents or any responsible adult. Under overall coordination of UNHCR & MIDIMAR, UNICEF with its partners, is looking after them at the Mahama refugee camp

UNICEF Rwanda/2015/Bannon

Vaccination week at Mahama camp
27 May 2015 - Since violence ahead of national elections in Burundi increased in April and early May, more than 72,000 people have fled to safety in neighbouring countries, including more than 28,000 who found refuge in Rwanda.

UNICEF Rwanda/2011/Noorani

Saving lives of children through Innovations in Rwanda
Rwanda is harnessing new technologies and innovations to reach mothers, newborns and young children across the country. The Govt of Rwanda with UNICEF has successfully used mobile technology to save lives of mothers & children through RapidSMS technology.

UNICEF Rwanda/2007/Pirozzi

Girls’ education in Rwanda
July 2013 - Girls’ education is among the top priorities for UNICEF worldwide. In Rwanda, we work with the Ministry of Education and partners to achieve access to quality education for every girl.

UNICEF Rwanda/2013/Rusanganwa

Combined measles-rubella campaign kicks off
13 Mar 2013 - Rwanda's combined measles-rubella vaccination campaign, launched today with the support of UNICEF and GAVI alliance partners, will ensure that nearly 5 million Rwandan children in are vaccinated against the two disabling and deadly diseases.

UNICEF Rwanda/2013/Mugabe

New Maternity Ward Opens in Matyazo, Rwanda
March 2013 - Hundreds of people gathered for the opening of the new Matyazo maternity ward located in Rwanda’s Huye District.

UNICEF Rwanda/2013

8th Annual National Children's Summit
January 2013 - Children from across Rwanda convened in the capital, Kigali, for the 8th Annual National Children’s Summit. Held in the national Parliament, the Summit provides a unique forum for children to participate in their country’s development.

UNICEF Rwanda/2011/Noorani

Rwanda's new Child Protection Law
Rwanda published the long awaited Law on the Rights and Protection of the Child. This law has been put in place to ensure that children across Rwanda, no matter who they are or where they live have the strongest possible legal protection framework.

UNICEF Rwanda/2012/Mugabe

7th Annual Children's Summit
The summit brought together children and policy makers to discuss how children could contribute to the 2nd Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategy as well as ensure their rights to family life, quality healthcare and inclusive education.



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