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National Children's Summit: Questions and Answers

What is the Children’s Summit?

The annual National Children’s Summit is a national level consultative forum that brings together children’s delegates from all of Rwanda’s administrative sectors. The Summit provides children with a special opportunity to express their views and wishes about nation building, what is being done or planned for them, about their country’s policies and programs, about their rights, their country’s economic and social development, challenges and their own role in all that concerns them.

When Did They Begin?

National Children’s Summit started in 2004; six have been held in Kigali so far, focusing on Unity and reconciliation; a Rwanda fit for children; children and the country’s development plan; the role of children in fighting genocide ideology; the role of children in fighting violence against children; and education fit for children.

What is the Theme and Rationale behind this year’s Summit?

As the national dialogue on the Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategy I (EDPRS I) begins, it is important that children engage in this discussion to advocate for and ensure that their views, particularly about how individuals, families, households and communities can best support the vision of one Rwanda, founded on equity in principle and equity in practice, are shared. This is why the theme of this year’s summit will focus on “Children and Equity: our contribution to the EDPRS

This Summit will provide children with an opportunity to express their views on national policies and issues that impact the lives of the most vulnerable children in Rwanda and make recommendations for action to the Government of Rwanda and its partners.  This was the case in 2007.  Mini summits were then organised at decentralised levels to collect children’s recommendations. The recommendations were formalised during the Children’s Summit on 30-31 July 2007, in Kigali under the theme: “A child in the Country Development Program”, and recommendations from the summit were reflected in the EDPRS I (2008 – 2012).

The Summit will also discuss the following sub-themes:

  • Every Child Needs a Family – promoting a loving family environment for the most vulnerable children (including prevention of family violence, positive parenting, and alternatives to institutionalisation)
  • Healthy Children, Healthy Rwanda (healthy lifestyles for children including prevention of drug abuse, HIV and STIs and using new innovations to support the health, nutrition and optimum development of all Rwanda’s children)
  • Our dreams, Our Rwanda (promoting inclusive school achievement and retention for a better future)



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