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Newsline 2012

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Bringing early childhood development to refugee children
December 2012 – The handclapping gets louder and louder as the hundreds of onlookers cheer for their six young friends from the Democratic Republic of Congo who dance in front of the new education facilities.

Media release: UNICEF and WHO congratulate Rwanda on decline in Child Mortality
14 September 2012 – An annual report by the UN Inter-agency Group on Child Mortality Estimation (UN-IGME) indicated today that Rwanda has achieved the highest decline in under five mortality in East and Southern Africa.

News note: Rwanda wins prestigious Commonwealth Education Award
30 August 2012 – Rwanda today won a prestigious Commonwealth Education Good Practice Award for its work on fast tracking nine year basic education.

Field dairy: What I did on World Humanitarian Day
21 August 2012 - To celebrate World Humanitarian Day, the One UN in Rwanda had organised a football game at Gihembe refugee camp. Today was the day of the big match and as a UNICEF intern I was asked to participate on behalf of UNICEF.

Schools out for the summer
August 2012: Ten year old Valence is full of smiles today, “we’ve finished our exams,” he beams “and this time I think I have done really well.” Valence attends Nykwiyasa Primary School,just outside Kigali, in Rwanda’s Kamonyi District.

Girls and boys speaking out together
24 July 2012 – Under the intense heat of Kigali’s midday sun, 16year old Peninah and her friends run through their performance one last time. “We are so excited about performing in today’s closing ceremony”, says Peninah, “we have practiced all morning...

Promoting a Culture of Reading in Rwanda
19 July 2012 - Dr. Jolly Mazimpaka, a representative of the Rotary Club of Kigali told an audience of students, teachers, development partners and Ministry of Education officials about a dream she had to promote a reading culture in Rwanda...

The leaders of tomorrow: Promoting and protecting the rights of children living with disabilities in Rwanda
July 2012: The Government of Rwanda has embarked on an agenda to include children in all issues that affect their lives. At a recent National Children’s Summit they also made a move to include for the first time ever, children living with disabilities.

Rwanda marks major milestone in its efforts to promote child survival
25 May 2012 - Rwanda today became the fourth country in Africa to introduce the rotavirus vaccine to prevent deaths related to diarrheal disease.

Providing Support and Protection to Refugees from the DRC in Rwanda
15 May 2012 - Just a few metres from Africa’s Great Lake Kivu, hundreds of women and children wait patiently to board a UNHCR truck. They are waiting to be transported to the Nkamira Transit Centre, where they hope they will find “shelter, food and peace”

Future Journalists – Power of Media Clubs
May, 2012: A two and a half days training in print and radio journalism has been held for 50 members of Media Clubs from the Northern Province of Rwanda.

Icyerekezo Cyanjye (My vision)
May 2012 - “Being a member of the Media Club has given me a lot of benefits. I have self confidence, I am open-minded and best of all I speak for the voiceless” says Amanda Uwase, 18 years old and a member of the Nyarutovu Media Club.

Rwanda marks another step in pioneering Child Survival
May 6 2012 - On Saturday evening, at the tarmac of Kigali International Airport, a special cargo plane landed and ushered in a new chapter in child survival in Rwanda.

Rwanda’s strong will to give her Children the Best Possible Start in Life
19 April 2012: Her Excellency Jeannette Kagame, the First Lady of the Republic of Rwanda and Guest of Honour opened the Early Childhood Development (ECD) National Stakeholders Meeting and launched the Global Action week.

Rwanda to provide ten vaccines to children
29 March 2012 - This week UNICEF delivered 111 vaccine storage refrigerators to Rwanda’s Minister of Health to ensure that the country was set for the introduction of the rotavirus vaccine.

UNICEF supports Rwandan children to access justice
29 March 2012 - This week, more than 215 pending cases of children in detention without trial, were heard as part of an on-going process to ensure that the backlog of cases – particularly where children are concerned – is cleared as quickly as possible.

World Water Day event brings first-time clean water to 17,000 Rwandan children and their families
19 March 2012: It was a memorable day. The sun was shining; children were smiling and the Mayor of Nyabihu, a district some two hours away from Rwanda’s capital was beaming with pride. He had reason to.

Revealing results from Rwanda's Home Fortification Report: A balanced diet may not be a nutritious one
23 January 2012 - A recent report on Home Fortification, conducted by the Ministry of Health, with support from UNICEF and others finds that home fortification – using micronutrient powders (MNP) must not be used as a standalone method.

Refugee parents praise new ECD centres
March 2012: Gihembe Refugee Camp is situated near Byumba town in the Northern Province of Rwanda, some 60 km from the capital Kigali. More than 20,000 Congolese refugees live in a small camp area established back in 1997.

Rwanda’s Prime Minister calls for all children to grow up in families
5 January 2012: At the closing ceremony of Rwanda's seventh annual Children's Summit, the country’s Prime Minister, Pierre Habumuremyi, said that it was unacceptable that children were growing up in orphanages.

Throughout Rwanda Children are talking: 7th Children's Summit
5 January 2012 - The annual National Children’s Summit is a national level consultative forum that brings together children’s delegates from all of Rwanda’s administrative sectors.



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