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Health Budget Brief - Investing in children’s health in Rwanda 2017/2018
2017 - This health budget brief is one of four briefs that explore the extent to which the Government of Rwanda addresses the health needs of children under 18 years of age and mothers in Rwanda.

Child Sensitive Social Protection and Nutrition Interventions - Pilot Evaluation: Summary Report
2017 - This report presents a summary overview of the findings of an evaluation of an expanded public works pilot.

Phase 1 'All in' Rapid Assessment Report: Adolescent HIV Programm Context Analysis 2015
2017 - ‘All In’ is a platform aiming at driving better results for adolescents aged (10-19 years) through critical changes in programmes and policy.

Nutrition brief: Rwanda: National Goals Propel Local Advances in Child Nutrition
2017 - This health budget brief is one of four briefs that explore the extent to which the Government of Rwanda addresses the health needs of children under 18 years of age and mothers in Rwanda.

Nutrition brief: Bridging many sectors to accelerate nutrition results
2017 - The multisectoral approach builds on the recognition that narrowly focused interventions, typically within the healthcare system alone, are unlikely to fully solve malnutrition and stunting, which are fueled by a variety of factors.

Nutrition brief: Monitoring tracks many levels of change
2017 - Tracking of nutrition activities in Rwanda has raised visibility of the issue. This brief gives strategies for strengthening local level skills related to data analysis and linking analysis with decision making.

Nutrition brief: In pursuit of innovation
2017 - The UNICEF Rwanda nutrition programme embraces innovation on many levels. This brief provides suggestions for a more well-defined innovation strategy in nutrition.

Nutrition brief: Decentralized planning mobilizes local government to act on reducing malnutrition
2017 - Rwanda’s district plans to eliminate malnutrition, and the committees charged with implementing them, are on the front lines of reducing malnutrition and stunting.

Nutrition brief: Changing behaviour through building and sharing knowledge
2017 - Behaviour change is an important strategy in the fight against malnutrition, where nutrition deficits are linked with food preparation and feeding practices. This brief provides background on the nutrition situation in Rwanda.

Rwanda Nutrition, Markets and Gender 2015
2015 - The comprehensive Nutrition, Markets and Gender report outlines that a multi-faceted approach is needed among health, agricultural and social protection sectors in Rwanda to tackle child malnutrition.

Knowledge, Attitudes & Practices: Assessment on Early Nurturing of Children Report
2014 - This report provides a comprehensive picture of current knowledge, attitudes and practices in relation to the early nurturing of children in Rwanda. It will inform nationwide campaigns such as the “Thousand Days in the Land of a Thousand Hills”.

The Implementation of In-Home Fortification and Nutrition Education to Combat Anaemia and Micronutrient Deficiencies Among Children 6-23 Months in Rwanda - Phase 1 Final Report
2012 - This formative work was conducted to inform the development of guidelines for the implementation of an in-home fortification with multiple micronutrient powders program to be integrated with complementary feeding for young children of 6-23 months.

Narrowing the Gaps to Meet the Goals
2010 - A special report on a new study by UNICEF shows that an equity-focused approach to child survival and development is the most practical and cost-effective way of meeting the health Millennium Development Goals for children.

Health Sector Strategic Plan: July 2009 – June 2012
2009 - This plan presents the strategic direction of the health sector for three years in order to continue and accelerate progress made during the lifetime of the first, highly successful, Sector Strategy Plan (HSSP-I 2005-2009).



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