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Rwanda Calendar 2017 - Hopes and aspirations

UNICEF Rwanda Calendar 2017

Author: UNICEF Rwanda
Price: Free
No. of pages: 8
Publication date: 2016
Publisher: UNICEF Rwanda
Languages: English 

Download the Calendar [PDF]

In December 2016, UNICEF celebrated its 70th anniversary. In the UNICEF Rwanda Country Office, we believed that the best way to commemorate this momentous time was to showcase the lives of our beneficiaries – the children. As a result, the idea for this calendar was born, highlighting hopes and aspirations of the children – the theme for this 2017 calendar.

Based on the theme “hopes and aspirations,” a five-day photography training workshop was organised, including both theory and field practice, in partnership with the National Commission for Children. Our “hopes and aspirations” theme was derived from the global UNICEF at 70 theme: “for every child, hope.” Our goal was to make the theme more relevant and accessible for the children.

In this calendar, you will find that each photo focuses on a particular subject under the guiding theme of “hopes and aspirations.” All featured photos were taken by Rwandan children as a result of the photography training, and the accompanying text captures their motivation behind choosing each photo subject.

The UNICEF Rwanda team hopes that you enjoy our calendar as much as we do.



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