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UNICEF Rwanda Private Sector Engagement Strategy
2018 - Partnering with the private sector to help advance development is not new. But with the advent of the ambitious 2030 Agenda, the increased need for resources and innovation opens up doors for more strategic and deeper engagement with private sector

Transforming the Lives of Children in Rwanda: Investing in family and community-centred services - Endline evaluation summary report on the ECD and Family Programme, 2015–2017
2018 - Early childhood development has emerged as a national priority in Rwanda and is a fundamental element of the Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategy II (2013–2018) and the National Strategy for Transformation (2017–2024).

Report on End-User Supply Monitoring in Mahama Refugee Camp
2018 - To better understand how UNICEF supplies are reaching the intended beneficiaries and how they are being used, UNICEF partnered with Three Stones International to carry out an End- User Supply Monitoring (EUM) in Mahama Camp for Burundian refugees.

Early Childhood and Development and Family Services - Baseline Evaluation in 20 Sites in Rwanda
2015 - This report provides an overview of the key findings of the Early Childhood Development & Family (ECD&F) Baseline Evaluation Technical Report, which was validated by the Technical Committee in early 2015.

Report of the National ECD Stakeholders Meeting
2012 - A report on the one day National ECD Stakeholder Meeting organised by the Government of Rwanda on April 19, 2012 to disseminate the ECD Policy and Strategic Plan and to strengthen commitment of all stakeholders to implement the plan.



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