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Teachers inspire children with disabilities through inclusive education in Rwanda
20 July 2017 - Marie Chantal Uwamahoro has been a teacher for 18 years. She currently teaches Primary 1 students at Rubingo Child Friendly School. “I love children, and I love teaching,” she says.

News Note: UNICEF and UNHCR collaborate with the Government of Rwanda to launch the “back to school” campaign for Burundian refugees
20 February 2017 – In Mahama Refugee Camp, the Vice Mayor of Kirehe District in charge of social affairs, in collaboration with UNICEF, MIDIMAR and NGO partners, launched the “Back to School” campaign under the theme “together in school.”

Rwanda’s new competency-based curriculum brings out creative teaching in educators like Gervais
7 February 2017 – Gasabo District – Gervais Bizimana greets everyone he meets with a wide smile and a warm embrace. His pride in his work spills from him in the form of eloquent stories and passionate ideas.

“In Teaching there is Freedom” - Inspiring the Next Generation of Educators in Rwanda
September 2016 - Rwamagana District - In the first few moments stepping onto campus, it is apparent that Bicumbi Teacher Training College is not an ordinary secondary school.

“I am happy to help children and teachers” says Alex, Reading Mentor at the Kanyinya Child Friendly School
11 August 2016 – Alex Kilama is one of School-based Mentors with a focus on Reading at the Kanyinya Child Friendly School (CFS). As a Reading Mentor, he is happy to see that now the reading culture is well-rooted in his school.

Promoting continuity of education beginning from pre-primary education
11 August 2016 – Today, in the pre-primary class three at the Kanyinya Child-Friendly School in Nyarugenge district, 5-6 years old children are drawing animals. Cows, chickens and pigs are most common. “Children like drawing and singing.

School-based Mentors support teachers to implement successfully the new competence-based curriculum
August 2016 - Ezra Mugabe is School-based Mentor at the Kanyinya Child Friendly School in Nyarugenge district. He has prepared a training session today for a group of primary teachers in the reading room.

Effective learning through a play based learning approach
Kamonyi District, 9 February 2016 - Today is the first day for Vérène Yankurwe at the Nyamiaga Pre-primary School. There are 3 classrooms and she is in charge of class 3 for the children of age 6.

UNICEF’s support to pre-primary education brings joy to the mothers in Kamonyi district
9 February 2016 - “I am happy to bring my daughter for her first day at school” said an excited Jeannette, a mother of Yanick, 6-year-old pointing to the newly constructed pre-primary section at Nyamiyaga school.

Improving the quality of teaching through the School based mentoring programme
9 February 2016 - “Nitwa Jeanette (my name is Jeanette in the local Kinyarwanda language)” says 5-year-old girl Jeannette on her first day at school. Nitwa Laurence replies the teacher greeting all the children at the Nyamiyaga School in Kamonyi district.

News note: Reading data with Children in an Innovative way as part of Africa Statistics Day
26 November 2015 - Why did the attendance rates in primary schools drop from 90% in 2011 to 88% in 2014?” questioned Phineas, 15 during the recent Reading Data with children event.

Improving students’ daily learning with support from the school-based mentoring program
25 September 2015 - More than 3,000 Congolese refugee children from the Mugombwa refugee camp attend the nearby Mugombwa School together with other Rwandan children in the neighbouring community.

Celebrating academic excellence and lifelong mentorship for Rwandan girls
11 May 2015 - At 24, Henriette Muangampundu is a role model for many girls. As an employment and empowerment officer for Digital Opportunities Rwanda, an organization that seeks to empower communities to reach their full potential, Henriette trains youth.

Strengthening the capacity of pre-primary practitioners in Rwanda
17 March 2014 - Sector Education Officers, Inspectors, tutors from Teacher Training Colleges and civil society organizations were divided in two groups and began a week-long National Training on Play-Based Learning through the use of UNICEF ECD kits.

School based mentors support English instruction in schools
February 2014 - “Can anyone tell me what the lady is doing in the picture?” The teacher asks his students as he points to a picture of a woman washing clothes. He repeats this exercise, holding up several rice bags with different images...

Malala Day inspires youth around the world to demand their right to education
12 July 2013 – Hundreds of young people take over the seats at the United Nations today to add to their voices to courageous advocate Malala Yousafzai’s call to see all children in school and learning.

Improving quality education for children through reform of teaching and learning materials
February 2013 - At Kanyinya, a Nine-year Basic Education school in Nyarugenge District, children are seated in a circle around the teacher. Their eyes light up as she reads from a book full of tales of animals and friendship.

News note: Rwanda wins prestigious Commonwealth Education Award
30 August 2012 – Rwanda today won a prestigious Commonwealth Education Good Practice Award for its work on fast tracking nine year basic education.

Schools out for the summer
August 2012: Ten year old Valence is full of smiles today, “we’ve finished our exams,” he beams “and this time I think I have done really well.” Valence attends Nykwiyasa Primary School,just outside Kigali, in Rwanda’s Kamonyi District.

Girls and boys speaking out together
24 July 2012 – Under the intense heat of Kigali’s midday sun, 16year old Peninah and her friends run through their performance one last time. “We are so excited about performing in today’s closing ceremony”, says Peninah, “we have practiced all morning...

Promoting a Culture of Reading in Rwanda
19 July 2012 - Dr. Jolly Mazimpaka, a representative of the Rotary Club of Kigali told an audience of students, teachers, development partners and Ministry of Education officials about a dream she had to promote a reading culture in Rwanda...

Rwanda’s strong will to give her Children the Best Possible Start in Life
19 April 2012: Her Excellency Jeannette Kagame, the First Lady of the Republic of Rwanda and Guest of Honour opened the Early Childhood Development (ECD) National Stakeholders Meeting and launched the Global Action week.

Refugee parents praise new ECD centres
March 2012: Gihembe Refugee Camp is situated near Byumba town in the Northern Province of Rwanda, some 60 km from the capital Kigali. More than 20,000 Congolese refugees live in a small camp area established back in 1997.

Achieving Quality Education for All is Possible
29 November 2011: At the opening of the summit on Achieving Quality Education for All, the Guest of Honour, Hon. Dr. John Damascene Ntawukuriryayo emphasised how improving the quality of learning will help the country achieve its economic development...

Parents and teachers working together to improve learning in Rwanda
October 2011 - Newly created Parent-Teacher Associations at certain schools in Rwanda are beginning to show results in terms of school management and pupil learning outcomes.

UNICEF Commends Progress in Access to Education in Rwanda
16 September 2011: At the opening of the joint review of the education sector, UNICEF, speaking on behalf of all development partners, called for a greater focus on quality and equity to ensure that all Rwandan girls and boys access and quality education.

The Challenges Facing Children with Disabilities in Rwanda
August 2011 - Five years ago, students with disabilities at Murama Child Friendly School, in Rwanda’s southern Bugasera district, felt isolated from their classmates, unable to participate in even a simple game of hide-and-seek or football.

Improving Access to Education for Rwanda’s children
July 2011: All over Rwanda pupils are benefitting from improved health and hygiene facilities in their schools to ensure that fewer of them drop out.

Life Skills Clubs in Rwandan school promote universal values and leadership skills
July 2011 - Twice a week, students at the Murama Child Friendly School in Rwanda’s Bugesera district, participate in Life Skills Clubs, learning and discussing topics that are difficult to broach in their homes...

First Lady and UNICEF Reward Rwanda's Best Performing Girls
March 10, 2011 - At a ceremony held in the heart of Rwanda, three hours from the nation's capital, 470 girls were honored by Rwanda’s First Lady, the Minister of State for Education and UNICEF for their excellent performance in school.

Child-friendly Schools that are Teacher-friendly too
February 2011: It is now exactly seven years since Rubingo Primary School was transformed into a centre of learning excellence.

They dream of a better future
February 2011 - Just like in any other family, each sibling seems to have a particular task. Monique – the more outgoing of the 17 year-old twins – welcomes the visitors, her sister Denise – quiet and shy – attends to some chores behind the house...

A stimulating beginning
February 2011 - Every day, children under the age of five are dropped by their parents at Nyange Early Childhood Centre in Musanze, about two hours out of Kigali, Rwanda’s capital, to play, sing, interact and eat a rich bowl of porridge.

Barclays employees present UNICEF with cheque to improve education in Rwanda
8 February 2011 - At a ceremony in Kigali today, two Barclays employees from the United Kingdom presented the UNICEF Representative in Rwanda with a cheque for £162,681.83.

6th Rwandan Conference on Children and AIDS Tackles Role of Education Sector in Preventing and Mitigating Effects of HIV
November 18, 2010 - Key note speakers at the sixth annual Pediatric Conference on Children and AIDS in Rwanda appealed to the education sector to take on a stronger role in both preventing and protecting children affected by HIV.

Children’s Summit in Rwanda Focuses on Education fit for Children
November 16, 2010 - At the sixth Children’s Summit, over 400 children from across Rwanda and neighboring East African countries, talked with cabinet members about how they wanted to improve their schools and learning experience.

Joint Review of the Education Sector in Rwanda focuses on quality education for all
October 12, 2010 - Last week, the Government of Rwanda and its key partners, including UNICEF, sat down for a two-day annual review meeting to assess progress in improving the quality of education in Rwanda.





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