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Reaching across borders to save the lives of newborn babies
27 September 2018 – Imagine you are a nurse working in a small hospital. It is crowded, with too many patients and too few doctors.

When text messages save lives
18 May 2018 – Several years ago, when Asterie Nyirabatware was giving birth to her third child, she was suddenly faced with a terrifying scenario: she was bleeding uncontrollably and she was nowhere near the care of trained doctors and nurses.

Photo essay: The First 1,000 Days of Life
December 2017 - The 1,000 days between a woman’s pregnancy and her child’s second birthday offer a unique window of opportunity to build healthier and more prosperous futures.

IMINSI IGIHUMBI - The First 1,000 Days for good nutrition
8 October 2017 - The first 1,000 days of a child's life - from pregnancy to their second birthday - is a critical window of opportunity when nutrition has a long-term impact on health and development.

Press release: Launch of National Water Supply and Sanitation Policies and Strategies on the occasion of World Water Day 2017
22 March 2017 – The Ministry of Infrastructure with Water and Sanitation Stakeholders/partners launch the new Water and Sanitation Sector Policies and Strategies on the occasion of the World Water Day 2017.

Local ambassador of HIV prevention pays it forward through peer counselling
9 November 2016 – “I learned that I was HIV positive in 2006. When I found out, I was so desperate…” Marie Goretti Mukasine is a mother of five children and a resident of Ruhuha Sector in the Southern Province.

With its new oxygen plant, Ruhengeri Hospital is saving more than just money
2 November 2016 – Nestled at the foggy, evergreen base of the Virunga Mountains, the north-western city of Musanze is bustling with tour operators, hotel owners, cross-country buses, and market vendors.

In Rwamagana, children are agents of change for hygiene promotion
September 2016 – Emmelyne is four years old and attends the Early Childhood Development and Family (ECD&F) centre in Ntunga Village in Rwamagana District, Eastern Province.

“Breastfeeding helps all children to thrive and develop to their full potential.” - Itetero children’s radio programme; 5th episode on exclusive breastfeeding
27 July 2016 - Denise Nyirabizimana is the mother of three children. Today she came to Gikomero ECD & Family Centre to have an interview with Christine Uwizeye, a radio producer from Rwanda Broadcasting Agency, for the radio’s children’s programme.

“My children get enough clean water for food, drinking, and washing”
18 May 2016 – “Now my children get clean water for food, drinking, and washing. Before we didn’t have enough water and had to use it only for cooking. Now we have enough water for all, and hygiene in my house has improved,” said Etienne Nishimwe.

“I feel happy when children grow healthy with a balanced diet”
January 2016 - “I am a mother of five children. I am proud to help mothers and children in my village. I feel happy when children grow healthy with a balanced diet.

Agnes - Champion of the PMTCT programme
10 February 2015 - On a sunny Tuesday morning, you can see a number of mothers with their children seated in the waiting area patiently expecting their turn in the Matyazo Health Center in Huye district.

Families applause efforts from Government of Japan and UNICEF in Kigeme Refugee camp
30 October 2013: “I didn't have my own jerry can, so I had to borrow from my neighbours. But now I have my own!” Jeannette, mother of 2 children smiles during the hygiene kit distribution today in Kigeme.

Thousands of people receive the message of hand washing with soap during the 7th Global Hand washing Day celebrations in Rwanda
15 October 2014 - More than four thousand people gathered in Nyabihu District, Western Rwanda to celebrate the Global Hand washing Day for the 4th time as the world celebrated its seventh anniversary.

Innovative ways to combat Malnutrition continues in Rwanda
12 December 2013 - Valentine, 26 and mother of 3-year-old girl Clemence, smiles at her rabbits. “Last September I received a pair of rabbits. I feel stronger feeding them and watching them grow.”

Rwanda is first sub-Saharan African country to roll out measles and rubella vaccination
March 2013 - After working in the small field near her home in the early morning, 37 year old Giovance Kyomugisha bathes and dresses three of her youngest children Ukwishaka (8), Hope (6) and Gift (1) for the important day ahead.

Water Filters Improve Lives
March 2012: Niyigena Yolande is a 30-year-old head teacher at a school in Musanze District in the north-western part of Rwanda. Together with 46 other teachers, she is one of the first users of a ceramic water filter.

Zonta supports lifesaving activities for people living with HIV in Rwanda
28 March 2012 – When Immaculée was diagnosed as HIV-positive it was hard for her to accept it at first but after receiving counselling she has slowly began to understand more about the disease and now knows how to cope and live with it.

Rwanda marks another step in pioneering Child Survival
May 6 2012 - On Saturday evening, at the tarmac of Kigali International Airport, a special cargo plane landed and ushered in a new chapter in child survival in Rwanda.



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