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Institutional consultancy to display messages through outdoor LED screens in Kigali City


Title: Institutional consultancy to display messages through outdoor LED screens in Kigali City
Location: LED screens in Kigali City: Gishushu, Giporoso, Nyabugogo, Sopetrad town and the airport
Duration: 12 months

1. Background

On 1 August 2018, the Ministry of Health of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) notified the World Health Organization (WHO) of a new outbreak of Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) in North Kivu Province, in the eastern part of the country. The event was initially reported by the North Kivu Provincial Health authority on 28 July 2018 when a cluster of 26 cases of acute haemorrhagic fever, including 20 deaths (mostly in the community), occurred in Mabalako Health Zone during July 2018. Local health officials additionally identified sporadic, antecedent deaths in the community since May 2018 (tentatively classified as probable cases), which are subject to ongoing investigations to determine if they are related to the current outbreak. The number of cases continue to rise in DRC, posing a serious threat of cross-border infection.

Since the beginning of the outbreak, UNICEF Rwanda and other partners have been closely engaged in the design and implementation of risk communication interventions around EVD prevention and awareness.

2. Objective of the Consultancy

The international airport in Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda, is a potential entry for people entering the country from EVD affected areas. The city is also a hub for large numbers of people from various geographical zones and socio-economic backrounds. It is therefore critical that risk communication initiatives reach the population of Kigali.

The proposed consultancy aims to:

  1. Raise awareness on EVD signs, symptoms, and methods of prevention;
  2. Compliment ongoing social mobilisation and community engagement interventions;
  3. Integrate cross-cutting messages on WASH, positive parenting, and HIV.

3. Key Responsibilities/Tasks

This 12-month institutional consultancy will be responsible for several tasks to display EVD-related and other key messages on LED screens located in five strategic locations in Kigali City:

  • Develop a work plan and schedule for screening messages on the LED screens.
  • In consultation with UNICEF and Rwanda Health Communication Center, propose the exact schedule of displaying messages.
  • Work closely with relevant authorities, such as the Immigration Office and line ministries, for authorisation to display key messages shared by UNICEF and validated by national partners.
  • Display electronic messages as approved by UNICEF and the Ministry of Health/ Rwanda Health Communication Center on the LED screens every 15 minutes, every day for 12 months according to the availability of various screens.
  • Submit monthly reports on the type and quantity of messages displayed, outlining any challenges and proposed solutions.
  • Ensure that no other EVD-related messages, except for those approved by UNICEF, are displayed on the screens during the period of this consultancy.

4. Reporting

This institutional consultancy will report directly to the Chief of Communication, Advocacy and Partnerships in UNICEF. The selected institution will work closely with Rwanda Health Communication Center to ensure accuracy of the messages and artwork displayed.

5. Qualifications and Evaluation Criteria

The following qualifications are expected; submissions will be assessed according to the criteria below:

  • The institution must be registered in Rwanda, which will be assessed by reviewing the copy of the company registration.
  • Institutional capacity to hire these LED screens (20 points), to be assessed through review of the proposal.
  • Availability of staff with proven experience in maintaining message and artwork displays on LED screens (20 points), to be assessed through review of staff CVs and the company’s presentation submitted as part of the proposal.
  • Experience of the institution in social marketing and obtaining audience feedback on the displayed messages and artwork (20 points), to be assessed through the review of the company’s presentation submitted as part of the proposal.
  • Past experience working with the UN would be an asset (10 points), to be assessed through the review of the proposal and cross-checked with the indicated UN agencies.
  • A detailed financial proposal (30 points).

Note: The successful bidder should accumulate above 60 per cent of the score to qualify for provision of the requested services.

6. Expected Deliverables and Timelines

Deliverables  Timelines 
Presentation on the ownership or capacity to hire the above mentioned LED screens  During submission of the proposal 
Authorisation for screening the content approved by UNICEF and the Rwanda Health Communication Center  Seven working days upon signing the contract 
Activity report, including monitoring results  Monthly 
Report on the feedback from audiences Quarterly

Final narrative and financial reports  End of the project: after 12 months

7. Payment Schedule

Payments will be made in three instalments:

  1. 30% upon submission of the work plan with a detailed schedule for screening the messages;
  2. 50% upon submission of the 3 monthly reports demonstrating that all LED screens are functional, and submission of the first quarterly report on audience feedback;
  3. 20% upon submission of the final narrative and financial reports.

8. General Conditions: Procedures and Logistics

The consulting institution will be required to use their own facilities, including computers, office, and fuel during implementation of this consultancy. The financial proposal for the assignment will be inclusive of all expenses related to this intervention.

9. Policies for Both Parties

  • Institution staff are not entitled to payment of overtime. All remunerations must be within the contract agreement.
  • No contract may commence unless the contract is signed by both UNICEF and the institution.

10. How to apply

Qualified institutions are requested to submit their complete proposal i.e. technical proposal proving its qualifications against the criteria mentioned above, and the financial proposal (in two separate documents).

Proposals must be sent to rwasupply@unicef.org before 6:00 PM on 29 March 2019.

Late submissions and those made to other addresses will not be accepted.



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