South 2 South collaboration for health

UNICEF builds strong regional networks for sharing practical experiences and knowledge.

UNICEF ROSA/2016/Bronstein


South Asia is diverse geographically, linguistically and culturally. The countries in the region are also at different stages of development. Many of the region’s challenges arise from these complexities. But the variation also creates opportunities for shared learning. Across the region, many different approaches have been tried over the years, with varying degrees of success. There is a vast body of knowledge on what works and what does not, based on local experiences. To take full advantage of this, communication, sharing and learning across the region must improve. 

A common challenge that programmes in the region face is reaching children in remote areas. Children living in deprived areas often end up missing out on immunisation and other basic health services. Sharing knowledge across the region can help countries adopt and implement strategies to overcome common challenges and work towards meeting regional targets.


The South 2 South Collaboration for Health is a UNICEF initiative that works to build a strong regional network for sharing practical experiences and practices. It aims to provide an opportunity for learning and sharing to facilitate innovation throughout the region. It aims, ultimately, to strengthen the skills of health practitioners to be able to identify challenges and find local solutions for issues faced by their community.

Early exchanges have included teams from Afghanistan visiting India, Nepal and Sri Lanka to learn about: quality of care; real time monitoring in newborn care facilities; maternal and perinatal death review systems; and improving demand for maternal, newborn and child health services. Following these successes, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka have also participated in learning exchange visits. 


These resources represent just a small selection of materials produced by UNICEF and its partners in the region. The list is regularly updated to include the latest information.